ATM charge?

So my card was activated yesterday. I already put 50€ on it and tested it today in an ATM to see if it worked.

I asked for 20€ and behold, it worked perfectly.

But my phone tells me that in fact an extra 71 cents was taken.

Is this a fee taken by the ATM? Being a BNL ATM, it wouldn’t surprise me, but I wanted to be sure.


I’ve tried BNL (BNP) atms in France, they don’t charge anything extra.

Are you sure you didn’t let the ATM do the conversion? You need to either “Decline” it, or choose a “Standard” withdrawal… the wording depends on ATMs.
Take a look at this message, there is a picture from a BNP (=BNL) atm: 5% ATM Fees in the First withdrawing within my country !

Oh, thanks Quentin. I understand now. I thought that if I pressed ‘Decline’, it would cancel the whole transaction. I was also confused when it gave the GBP exchange rate, since I currently only have euros on the card.

I will use decline from now on.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure they used these words on purpose so that people think they won’t get their money if they press the “Decline” button.
Other banks are better at this, fortunately.

Amazon are playing this game with ‘Prime’ subscriptions all the time!

BNL used to be awful but they’ve improved a lot since taken over by BNP. They even allow customers access to their money! :slight_smile:

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