Atm cash withdrawal limit

Sorry guys, I’m in the middle of travel and don’t have the time to research more into this. Very appreciated if anyone can chip in.

I just got an email stating I reached my monthly limit of withdrawals, if I remember correctly, €200 ?

But is this per calendar month limit ? Or in the span od 30 days ?

Were on the 4th and for sure I havent withdraw that amount.


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That 200€ represents the free amount per month (calendar), after that you can still withdraw money with a fee of 2%

It depends:

Please note the billing cycle for all Charges are as follows for users who:
Calendar month: joined before 16 March 2017;
Rolling month: joined after 16 March 2017; and
Rolling month: for any user who upgraded their Revolut Account from Standard to Premium or has downgraded from Premium to Standard.

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So, assuming you fall into the ‘rolling month’ category, the fee free allowance will reset on the same date each month. The date will be the same as the date you originally opened your account.
e.g. If you first opened your account on, say, 12th May, then your allowances reset on 12th of each month.


Thanks guys ! This rolling month was the key info here to understand how I reached my limit. Now to figure out what my rolling month date is…


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Easiest way, assuming you don’t mind waiting a little, go to

Price plan

And see what day the allowance resets.

I tried it before, but doesnt say:

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It looks like you haven’t made any ATM withdrawals since the allowance last reset.

That would be great to add a feature like days remaining till the end of rolling month/year or to show date of subscription somewhere…Or even easier just calendar month/year for everybody…
@AndreasK maybe in a futur update would it be possible? :slight_smile: Thx

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When I investigated this I found it is NOT a rolling month, but a subscription month - it resets each month on the day of the month you joined.

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I believe the ATM cash withdrawal as to this moment is 3000£ or currency equivalent. At least that’s written in the FAQ.

Does anyone know, how to find the date when the new period starts?
I checked all my e-mails but I have not any e-mail with confirmation that I subscribed to Revolut!
I would like to know this date before i start using ATM’s.

Probably only way how to know is withdraw some money from ATM (small amount for example) and then in app check everyday, when free withdrwal limits gets reset to full amount.

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If I have two card do they have separate free withdrawal limit for Standard plan?

No. That would be too good :money_mouth_face:

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