ATM Cash Withdraw


My First Use of REVOL card for an ATM withdrawal Did not work. [€200]
19/05/2018 Credit Agricole Saintes France…
"Card returned at my bank’s instruction "
Please advise


Hi are you checking our security options on the app?


Is this the entire error message?
Is there a MasterCard or Visa logo in the ATM?


Thank you,

Not sure about the status of the machine viz a viz Master card/visa.

Will check that out.


My experience is that banks as well as merchants sometimes have old data base. Revolut – at this point – is not a bank but cooperating with Lloyds. Maybe they just do not know that this concept exists at CA. :man_shrugging:t3:

Did you already contact them?


No This happened yesterday, Saturday . Tomorrow is a public holiday here. I will let you know how it goes.


@JessicaZ seems to be around, she can help you :slight_smile:

if not, poke revolutapp on twitter or facebook. the social media team tends to be quite effective