ATM 2% fee in Turkey ?

I understand you get a 2% charge after withdrawing £200/Euro from an ATM, but how does this work with TRY, is it still the equivalent to £200/Euro ?

Also, I’ve read that there are certain ATMs that don’t charge a fee, is this the 2% in question ?

Any help is appreciated

No, your limit is 200gbp- 1240.85try. Also, there is a graphic showing your atm limits in the app.

Never experienced a 2% fee within 200gbp window limit. I don’t know what happens after that, but try to use atm from banks and not independent.

There are three sources of costs for ATM withdrawals:

  1. The fee charged by Revolut once you have passed your monthly allowance

  2. Any fee that the ATM operator charges for using it

  3. FX costs from the ATM operator

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