Assistance Needed: Problems with International Transactions

Hello Everyone,

I am new here , so please forgive me and provide kind assistance if I have posted
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I’m contacting the community to ask for advice on a problem I’m having with cross-border transactions using my Revolut account.

I’ve been making more foreign payments with my Revolut card lately, especially to buy goods from different European online stores. Although most of my transactions have gone through without any problems, there have been a couple that I’m unable to figure out how to handle.

These are the particular issues I’m having:

Transaction Denied Without Clearly Stated Reason: Despite having enough money in my account, I had a few transactions rejected. I’ve verified every detail twice, and everything appears to be in order. The retailers affirmed that there isn’t a problem from their end as well.

Delay in Currency Conversion: A few transactions resulted in unexpected costs because of fluctuating exchange rates because the currency conversion didn’t happen right away. Is there a method to guarantee that when a transaction is started, conversions take place at the best rate available?

Customer Service Response Time: Although I’ve contacted Revolut’s customer service several times, it seems that they are taking longer than normal to respond. I am aware that demand may be great, however it is impeding my capacity to address these problems as soon as possible.

Verification and Transaction Limits: I’ve also run into various misunderstandings about the necessity of further verification as well as transaction limits. Could you please clarify the monthly or daily restrictions for international transactions and the type of verification that could be needed?

I also checked this for reference:

Any guidance or insights from those who have dealt with comparable problems or know how to handle these concerns would be highly appreciated.

Are there any particular actions or account settings I should change to prevent these issues in the future?

Thank you :pray: in advance.

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Hello @alicebell :wave: ,

Sorry to hear about the problem you’re facing at the moment. Don’t worry, we’re here to offer our assistance. Let us guide you through these issues individually and provide the help you need.

There are several reasons why a card transfer may have been rejected:

  1. Make sure the card is connected to a specific currency. If the card is associated with a currency that has a low balance, the transaction will be rejected even if you have sufficient funds overall. Go to Cards, choose the card, tap on ‘Settings’, then select ‘Spend from’.

  2. Ensure that you have enough money in at least one currency account to avoid transaction rejections, even if your total balance across all accounts is enough.

  3. Double-check if the card is tied to a correct pocket. If the pocket has a low balance, the transaction will be denied even if you have adequate funds in total. Tap on Accounts below your balance and go to ‘Pockets’, or tap on the transaction in-app.

To prevent this from happening, double-check your upcoming payments to confirm that your account balance is sufficient.

You won’t be charged any fees for using your Revolut card to make purchases in your home currency. But keep in mind, there might be fees if you decide to make purchases in a different currency. No matter if you convert your money in advance or rely on us to do it during the transaction, you’ll be charged currency exchange and weekend fees. You can check the fees detailing here - Fees for transactions in other currencies

Here are some tips to avoid unexpected fees:

  • Make sure to convert your money ahead of time and during the weekdays for a smooth transaction.
  • When you’re making a transaction, it’s always a good idea to select the local currency if given the option. Even if you don’t have enough money in that specific currency account, Revolut usually offers better fees and conversion rates compared to what the merchant or card payment processor would charge at checkout.
  • Set a specific currency on your card to avoid Revolut converting your funds without your consent when you’re low on your chosen currency.

Revolut has established weekly spending limits for certain types of merchants. If you go over these limits, you’ll have to wait a week for them to reset.

  • Non-financial institutions (including ordering foreign cash, traveller’s cheques, and money orders): £10,000 or equivalent per 7 days
  • Wire transfers: £25,000 or equivalent per 7 days

Hope this helps! Thank you for sharing your feedback related to the customer service. We will look into it. :pray:

SG | Community Team