Assaulted and robbed. Perpetrators steal €400 in several ATMs. Revolut chargeback team doesn't care.


Hi Revolut,

I’ve been a big fan of your service, upgraded to Premium and even invested into your company… until the unfortunate event happened that made me think if you are actually fit for purpose [of a travel card].

Whilst on holiday in France I’ve been physically assaulted and robbed shortly after withdrawing some cash at an ATM on my way back to the hotel. 3 perpetrators taken my phone, cash, cards & ID that were in my pockets. By the time I got back to the hotel and phoned your automated card blocking line, these guys managed to steal €400 via several ATMs. Presumably they picked up PIN from the ATM where I used my card last time (I’ve seen programmes about false keyboards or whatever other tricks they might have used…) and followed me from there.

I reported the robbery to the police, restored Revolut account access and then found out about these transactions. Firstly, it took about a week for these to switch from “Pending” to completed state and only then I was allowed to file a chargeback request. After the request was filed I waited another couple of weeks for somebody from chargeback team to contact me. They asked for a copy of police report and then almost straight away refused to refund on the grounds that PIN was used at the ATM.

Revolut support said their decision was ‘final’ and then they stopped responding for a week to any of my messages. Refused to set up a meeting to discuss in detail what happened. Great service.

So, I’m now €400 out of pocket, had frustrating experience with Revolut support and generally left wondering if I made a mistake going with you guys?

Surely your anti-fraud systems could have detected these withdrawals as out of ordinary and suspicious and thus asked confirmation through the app?


It case it helps you @abac you might read


Thank you @badskittler!
Before taking it to the Ombudsman would like to hear from @AndreasK as he seems to have been quite helpful in other cases when money were stolen… As somebody who is still invested in the idea I’d prefer to see a positive change as a result of this experience, not a squabble, so hopefully somebody rightly positioned at Revolut is listening…


Hello @abac :slight_smile:

According to the clause 9.4 of the Cardholder Terms, given that you did not agree or consented to this people knowing your PIN, and you did not purposefully or negligently revealed your PIN (as required by clause 9.1), I see no reason why :r: could make you liable for the charges :frowning:

If you find this situation is unfair (yeah), you should escalate the issue with :r: before going to the Ombudsman (getting in touch with the bank first in an official way is usually a requirement). You can find more info on the escalation options here:

Cardholder Terms


Thanks @Juliopp. Of course before going public I had asked the private support to have the issue escalated, described the situation, but it just looks that another papershifter had concluded that he/she would rather accuse me for things I have not done than trying to clean their own stables. I just feel the Revoult is becoming a victim of its own success, hence trying to escalate the issue outside the internal echo-chamber that they’ve accidentally built…


Hey @abac :slight_smile:

Just to be sure, were you sent to the webform? The one from typeform? It has been extremely successful in my case at least :wink:


Hi @abac,

Let me express my apologies for this!

However, as I can see our chargeback team has contacted you and provided the following update.

Dear Serge, I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused, however, after reviewing your case we are sorry to say that we need to reject it. Please be informed that our internal policy does not allow us to refund cases in which a particular transaction(s) was authorized by PIN. I am afraid that PIN should be only known by the cardholder which is obliged for its safety and secureness. I am really sorry for the outcome of the chargeback.

Unfortunately, as this case has been already reviewed by our chargeback team, I’m not able to help further.

Kind regards,

Andreas K


UK law requires :r: to prove that you have been negligent not the other way around. Ask :r: to issue you with “a final letter of deadlock” and refer your dispute to the Financial Ombudsman Service.


Dear Andreas,

Nothing personal, but apologies are not accepted. Can I please have the final letter of deadlock sent to my account address and we’ll take it from there.



@abac let me clarify that based on the evidence provided, and according to our agreements we have place with you, our final response is our chargeback response.

If we fail to provide a response to your satisfaction, you may refer your complaint to the UK’s Financial Ombudsman Service located at Exchange Tower, London E14 9SR or contact them via phone at 0800 023 4567.

Please be aware that there are time limits after which the Financial Ombudsman Service may no longer be able to hear your complaint.

You can find further details of the service offered by the Financial Ombudsman Service at

You may also find their consumer leaflet with further information at


Andreas K.