[ASK] which ATM are taking fees in Canada ?


Hi there !
I’ll go to Canada this summer, so I am planning to charge my Revolut card with 1000€ from my french account.
When I’ll be in Canada, I am planning to withdraw 300$CAD (which is the 200€ monthly limit)

I saw somewhere in a revolut community topic that some ATMs are taking fees for withdraw, there was 2 companies but I can’t recall which one…

Will I have any fees if I withdraw 300$CAD in Montreal’s Airport ?
Will it be OK to transfert 1000€ to my Revolut account ? (I mean things about money’s source which I may have to prove)

When I will withdraw money, or even spend money, if the computer ask me, I will ask without conversion, will that be OK in order to spend/withdraw without fees ?



Hey there,

I’ve been using my Revolut card in Canada for almost a month now and can answer your questions.

  1. Transfering 1000€ to Revolut from your french account should be no problem if you have identified yourself with Revolut (e.g. with Passport). At least I never had problems sending money from a german acount via SEPA transfer.

  2. Almost all ATMs in Canada charge a fee of 2 or 3 CAD per transaction. If you want free withdrawals, look for ATMs of Scotiabank (might be that they don’t work with Revolut, could only withdraw with Visa card but then it was free) or Nationalbank (here i was definitely able to get a free withdrawal with Revolut). I never had any fees with them, at least not here in Toronto.

  3. You probably won’t find a free ATM at the airport and the chance of encountering DCC (Dynamic currency conversion which means the terminal asking if you want to be billed in your home currency) would be the highest with the ATMs there I guess.

  4. Otherwise I’ve never been asked whether I want to be charged with conversion. All transactions went through in CAD. I think DCC is not common here in Canada compared to eastern european countries.

  5. My way to go was not to withdraw money at the Airport but to pay the train ticket from the airport to the hotel with the Revolut card and after leaving my suitcases there, I wen’t looking for a Scotiabank ATM and got some money without withdrawal fee.

Hope that helps


@juppi123 I’ve just found your response and I’ve thought that maybe you would be able to help me.

I’m going to Canada this summer and I was wondering if there are any problems with paying with Revolut card there? Have you ever faced the situation that your Revolut card was not accepted?

I would be very thankful for response!


Hey, I never had a real problem using my Revolut card. Maybe car rental places won’t accpet it for a deposit because it is only a debit card. Haven’t tried it out though, I never rented a car in Canada.
For some reason, paying with NFC didn’t work at Starbucks and Subway but chip and pin did.
Of course it’s always wise to have a backup card but I wouldn’t expect any problems.


I use the Revolut visa debit card regularly for payments in Toronto - no issue there. However I’m really struggling to do a free ATM withdrawal. Usually the big 5 banks (TD, BMO, Scotia, CIBC, RBC) all charge a $3 fee so I’ve declined to withdraw from any of those. Canadian banks are famous for dinging customers for everything.

As suggested, I tried National Bank downtown and the card got rejected as invalid. Tried to withdraw as both a chequing and credit card. No difference. HSBC Canada wanted $3.

In the past, I’ve been able to pull cash with a non-Canadian bank card from credit union ATMs without paying a fee. However with Revolut visa was again rejected. Tried Meridian and Ukranian credit union. Both rejected card as invalid.

7-11s now have Scotia ATMs so they want $3.

Every time the ATM has prompted me with a $3 fee I’ve cancelled the transaction so no real idea if the withdrawal would be a success or not.

And yes my card security is set up to allow ATM withdrawals.

Any other experiences? Perhaps it’s my card. Maybe Mastercard would work better.