Asia, Caucasus, Turkey

Just back from a 5-months trip through Asia (Nepal, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Kazakhstan) and the Caucasus (Azerbaijan and Georgia), and finally Turkey. Used my Revolut MasterCard for all payments, plus ATM cash in all of these countries. Card worked perfectly everywhere and every time. Couldn’t be happier.


Bingo. We had a similar experience on a six month round the world trip. Cuba, Mexico, USA, Canada, Taiwan, Japan in addition to the Asian countries… Fabulous


Used the card to pay for hotels, restaurants, tickets, in shops - never had any rejections. Was totally surprised how well it worked.

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In China the card worked on most ATMs but not all. In the end I just used Bank of China exclusively, and no problems.

@wweber - Did ATM’s in China added their own withdrawal fees? If yes - how much was it ?

No, no extra fee added (Bank of China).

Hi. Could you please share where did you use your card in azerbaijan: atm or paid in shops/restaurant

Did you convert money from your currency to AZN or Revolut does it automatically?

Thanks in advance.

It’s clearly written in FAQ (for those who read) that the exchange is automatically from your main account or from the account with the highest amount when you pay in a currency other that the one you have in the app.

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