ASFINAG digital vignette - payment declined

Hi, I tried to buy a digital vignette for motorways in Austria through their eshop on Monday. I made a payment with my Revolut card, transaction was succesful, confirmed by eshop and the vignette has been sent to me in the pdf form.

Today, I checked the Revolut balance and I see that the respective transaction has been declined. But still, the vignette for motorways toll seems to be valid. No decline from the eshop itself.

Anybody with the similar experience? I contact the support but the waiting times are around 24 hours.

I had a similar experience : the payment in EUROS was accepted, then a few hours latter it was declined/reverted then a few hours latter I saw the same transaction in my GBP account because at this time I did not have enough EUROS.

Did you check your other currency accounts?

Visa and :r: had some issue with their payment backends and some transactions were reverted, I think that when the issue was resolved the transactions were reprocessed, leading to the above event.

This was easier than I expected. if the transaction is successful for the merchant and you have received your goods - there should be a delayed charge later instead of the original one.

So that, after few days, I was charged properly.

Based on the info from Revolut, this was caused by temporary connecting issue on their side. Solved.