Article in the Sunday Times

Article in today’s Sunday Times. Apparently some users are up in arms because their accounts have been arbitrarily blocked leaving them stranded whilst travelling - surely not :tired_face:

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Here’s the article. You can register for free to read it.


Can anyone make screenshot of whole article and repost it somewhere else as .jpg? I really dont want to register just to read article.

Copy of the article text

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any free source? it needs subscription

thanks, its quite a short article, I thought it will be a bit more meaningful.

folks - ever heard of “”? :wink:
Interesting enough - the article was more busy in naming revolut’s “unicorn-status” (a rhino is also a unicorn i believe) and where the stocks are traded…

I am stuck now locked out of my account before a family holiday to Spain. I thought I’d be clever and put my money on the Revolut card so I didn’t pay fees while abroad. I also liked the idea of paying companies home & abroad from this card. Alas my account is frozen straight after topping up & im now suffering a lot of stress. And getting no reply from support. Guys please help !

Not much users on here can do tbh. Maybe try contact support via Twitter.