Arrondi save


Hi, I found coffre is good idea to save money, I want to share with you a good opinion to save the some centim after evry transaction by abounding.
Transaction 1 = If I spent 3,56€ it’s good to save 0,44€,

Transaction 2, if I spent 3€ there is no save in this case.

I think this strategy let me feel that I have no impact and I save just very few amount, but after many transaction I can be surprised by the amount that I saved without knowing.

Also this idea can improve the use of revolut credit card than others.

It can works.


Sorry, just trying to understand… how is this different than the Spare Change Savings option already in Vaults in the Revolut app? :hushed:


I strongly suspect that English is not his native language and he does refer to Vaults (= coffre) and Spare Change (= abounding?).

Edit: So Abounding = Rounding, as he explains below. :slight_smile:


sounds right… but what is it they want to change/add? Or are they just saying it (that which already exists) is awesome? :sweat_smile:


Maybe he wants to add a fixed (or relative) amount that gets saved on every transaction? I’m not sure either. :thinking:

One addition that I personally would find interesting would be a feature that “floors” the whole balance once a day/week and saves the rest to the Vault.

So e.g. if you have 52,01€ balance at the end of the day because you paid 7,99€ for premium fees, it would get rounded down to 52€ and keep your balance “even” and OCD-friendly? :rofl:


lol i :heart: the “OCD-friendly”! That could be the name of the savings product/feature :joy:


sorry @Platin but i had saving ideas like Spare Change long before internet banking… it made you spend less because you had less to spend because of the rules you put down regarding your spending…
➪It is when you then take money out of savings for other purposes … that’s where deception can arise…:warning:


Of course it’s no real “saving”, but more “laying aside” some € for every €€€ you spend.
Quite similar to throwing all the unnecessary cents and pennys from your wallet into a piggybank. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, Moabdi. By “abounding” do you mean يزخر? I think here we would translate that into English as “multiplying” or “boosting”. There is a feature in Vaults to do this now :slight_smile:


Yeh okay @Platin, you didn’t “save money”, you “put money into savings” because you bought that latte.
It is like a swear jar: everytime you swear you fine yourself a certain amount, and that amount goes towards something specific.

As long as you leave the money going into savings in your savings vault - you have saved up that amount of money. So indirectly… the wording is sorta accurate… lol. I agree that it is a trick, but for many it actually leads to real, positive, saving habits! Especially as it is automatic, slow but steady, and something you can set up and then forget without too great an impact on the life you are currently accustomed to.


@Platin : Yeh i first saw it on Monzo too. hehe

I love it… i used to get as many non-paid for accounts on a single bank account as i could so that i could organize my money better.
i.e. i used to put £50 a month in one for Pets. I used that money only for vets and other unpredictable pet related costs. I also had one for general emergencies, and one for something big i was saving up for, etc.
I imagine if one has kids the number of such pots/vaults would only multiply.


Hi All,

I just read your comments, I thank I didn’t explain more my opinion to help you to understand idea as well as I see it. But, I found some one catched the idea :wink:

whenever you spent for example 3.65 (Euros) we can easy convinced that we can spent 4 (Euro).
So the Idea, is to save 0.35 euro just after have payed 3.65. We call this in math round decimal value to real value.

I meant rounding .



Salut @moabdi! Je crois que j’ai compris qu’est-ce que vous essayez de dire :slight_smile: Par exemple, si on dépense €3,99, on épargne seulement €0,01 (si on n’a pas l’accélérateur activé :wink:) et il serait mieux si on pouvait épargner davantage avec ce genre de transactions aussi !