Armenian dram


Hello. Why is the exchange rate for Armenian dram so low, EUR/AMD-1/540. (midmarket rate 574)


That was indeed the rate when you posted.
Today however, the rate in the app is shown as 1 EUR = 573.70 AMD, which is very much close to the mid market rate.
All is well now. :slightly_smiling_face:


Strange. It is not yet weekend (for markup), but the AMD rate has dropped to 542 in Revolut Rates.
At the conversion rate is 574. Why such a big difference? :thinking:


Yes, but today the exchange rate is 540 again and I dont understand why.
This is not a real exchange rate.


Can anyone from support reply on this topic? I am seeing now rate EUR/AMD 564.53 while on XE.COM it is 597.77