Argentina, Brasil

Hi there all! So I’m going to travel in Brasil and Argentina, to use revolut card should I Top Up in EURO (I’m from Portugal) and then use it like that, or not? Thank you all!

You can do that, however be aware of the weekend markup. You may want to convert some money in advance to use on weekends

Generally- nice tip but at this moment it is hard to manage that because lack of these wallets :slight_smile: (BRL, ARS)

So I guess there’s really nothing you can do except withdraw some cash for weekends and avoid using cash during the week to make the ATM allowance last longer

Check exchange rates locally. 90% of times they will be much better than Revolut’s one, so it would be wise to just exchange EUR in cash. Plus you will be on a safe side if your card is blocked. Believe me this is so frustrating then card is blocked in some remote location and Revolut support is not responding for hours and days.

Exchanging money in Brasil is the equivalent of armed robbery. Don’t do it!! I’d imagine the situation isn’t much better in Argentina

Actually no. Using credit cards for withdrawing cash is robbery in Argentina. The fixed ATM fee is 280 ARS and you can only withdraw 3000 ARS - so ATM fees are close to 10% (your Revolut card or any other card won’t save you).

Exchanging cash like in the good old times will give a much better exchange rate - but will cost you time. Expect to wait 30 min to 1 hr at a bank or “casa de cambio” and you won’t get money without your passport.