Are transfers to revolut (top ups) SEPA

Hello all.

My main currency is euro.
Before having a personal IBAN euro account at revolut (ie. when I had to put a reference number when making a top up), I had made several transfers from a Spanish bank (Santander) in euro and they were free.

When I tried the same towards the personal IBAN account the from the same Spanish bank (Santander), I was charged 6 euros. Upon contacting the bank they told me that the reason was that the transfer was not SEPA, whereas the previous times the tranfer was SEPA.

This week I tried to do a top up in Norwegian Korona (NOK) from a Bank in Norway (SpareBank) and the sender was charged 60 NOK more than the amount of the tranfer, even though her bank claims that SEPA tranfers are free up to an amount (way higher than the transfer amount).

Is there a way to make free (from the sender side) transfers, as it was the case before?

My final goal is to put a Norwegian salary in revolut, since the local banks will take 6 months before they allow me to open an bank account.

If I have to pay such though fees, I will have to think of a better way.

Transfers to the personal IBAN account in EUR should definitely be SPEPA transfers. They always have been for me.

(Only EUR, not NOK, though.)

I would talk to Santander. With what excuse did they say this transfer is not SEPA conform? You provided a valid IBAN, you wanted to transfer EUR. To me, it looks like it is the responsibility of Santander to execute the transfer by SEPA standards.

I will check with Santander again.

The last time the clerk was not sure and asked in an internal online system they have and just told me verbally the reason.

This time I will do it over email, just to have their response written.

But the important part is how I can transfer NOK with the least fees.

The cheapest and most convenient option might be a NOK debit card?

It seems that I can not find a debit/prepaid that is not somehow tied to an account?

Thus what would be the cheapest way to take money out of Norway and then spend them again here (since I live here)?

One option would be to have the company send NOK to the revolut NOK account, but it seems there are fees there

Another would be to have the company convert the money to euros (the conversion should not be that bad, since it is a business), send the euros to the Spanish bank (this should be free in SEPA) and then top up revolut in euros (through debit card, which has no fees for sure.)

But I am still not sure about what would be the best option. Maybe something I have not considered yet?

What about this?

With Revolut, you could transfer NOK via a NOK debit card for free and then spent it in any currency supported by Revolut.

You could also use a service like Transferwise to transfer NOK to your EUR or GBP Revolut account. That might be cheaper than an international NOK transfer.

If the Norwegian company can transfer EUR to a Spanish account, why not transfer it directly to the Revolut EUR IBAN?