Are they real or crooks? Acting like a Nigerian scam.


I joined, bought into Premium.

Sent documents to show 450K deposit from real estate and large income.

They send to send documents showing a transfer.

I sent 60K CHF and they raised my limit to 25K and didn’t show any deposit at all.

The “chat application” won’t accept any entry.

Are they scammers? Should I say goodbye to my 60K? Are there regulators to contact?

Once chat is frozen is there any way to contact them to ask if they are scammers?


I pray for the day in which I can ask in a forum “hey folks, did I just lose 60K CHF”.

It’d be fun seeing an actual scammer saying something like “yeah, you got us, we’re scammers haha”.

Now, seriously, if you got your limits raised to only 25K (which is illogical and not your fault if you did as you said) you’re not going to receive the transfer, and it will be held. You’re not receiving any answer because when your case is assigned or waiting to be assigned to an agent, the chat becomes unresponsive.

Now, the good part:

  • If it’s legal, you will get your money (naturally, it’s yours!)
  • There are alternate ways to get in touch (being Twitter the fastest one)

You can find a list of contact methods here.

I hope that you get a solution for this problem (even more considering the big amount it is) really soon :wink:

(maybe @AndreasK will be able to sort this out)


They’re not looking for evidence of the transfer, but information on source of funds.

Showing that you have the capacity to send 60,000 CHF is not sufficient.

Payslips for your ‘large income’ and invoices (depending on whether you’re receiving money from a REIT or a tenancy agency) are examples of information on source of funds.


Hi there. As I can see our compliance team has reviewed the documents provided and they’ve increased your limits based on your annual income.

Regarding your transfer, I’ve double checked this for you and I’m afraid it hasn’t yet reached our eco system.

Please let me know if you have further enquiry.


Andreas K.

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