Are these guys even trustworthy - major refund issues!

Twice now when a retailer has sent me a refund, Revolut have mysteriously failed to ever credit the funds back to my account. At first I thought it was just a genuine mistake. But it has happened again. Amazon refunded me 12 days ago and Revolut first claimed it takes 5 days to receive a refund. Now they are claiming it “may take a few weeks.” Actually, for most banks Amazon refunds would be credited the very next working day.

To my horror, after a Google search, I found dozens of people who have had their refunds effectively stolen by Revolut. One guy had £900 simply never credited back to his account and constant vague lies and excuses from Revolut. Four or more months later he STILL doesn’t have his £900 back!!!

I have not been able to get any sense from their staff so I feel I have no choice now but to go to the police station this afternoon and file a complaint against Revolut.

Anyone managed to get Revolut staff to actually sort this type of issue out? Also, why are they holding onto customers’ refunds like this??? It does not inspire confidence in them.

Hi! The easiest way to reach the support team is through Twitter (@RevolutApp) or Facebook: Revolut isn’t a large company, so they don’t have many staff members which is why it could take longer for you to receive your refunds :slight_smile: I recommend talking to them on one of these accounts before doing anything else!

I suggest legal action. After that cancel the account and burn the card.

I am in a same type of situation where they closed definitively my account with 9000€ in it and I have all the difficulties to know where my money is gone.
They told me that they sent back the funds to their originators, who are also blocked and cannot get their account freed to see if they indeed received the money from Revolut.

You cannot have a phone number to talk to someone and they take days to not answer your questions on the chat or on Tweeter.
The guy in charge, Andreas, is nice and apologies all the time but you get nowhere. The compliance team seems to host a bunch of idiots according to the questions they ask you.

They seem to be understaffed and unable to manage the mess that their new AI compliance software put them in. They probably have thousands of accounts blocked and just a couple of untrained employees to deal with it.

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9000? What were you thinking? These startups can’t be trusted with large amounts of money. Use it for small purchases only.

I learnt my lesson. This money was collected from a group of friends to rent an expensive villa this summer. I didn’t have time to pay the rental agency online and they blocked my account. It’s now a nightmare to get the money back.

Hey guys! Very sorry to hear of the negative experiences you’ve had.

Refunds to us can take a number of days to arrive. We are a pre-paid card service and thus everything goes through a payment processor which can take some time. If you can provide us with any confirmation of a refund we can search the system for this for you. Under no circumstances do we hold a users funds from them or not assign something to an account once we locate it.

In cases of any blocked or terminated accounts, we will always return the funds to where they came from. If this is not the case, we can investigate. Those transfers should take between 3-5 working days to return to the original account.

Please contact us on the chat support with details of the refunds and we can certainly look into this.

the same case with mine. transferwise sent the refund on aug 1 until now revolut has no feedback from currency cloud. it has been ages. i am getting frustatred because it is 1212 eur. it makes me think not to recommend it to anyone i know due to this. noone can even help me with the issue

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did you receive your refund already? revolut definitely sucks. i wont use revolut again

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I have been waiting for over $14000 to be refunded! Was told 7 working days that went past then told 10 working days that went past then told 20 working days that is past now told “should” be next week!! Not good enough am afraid I am going to start legal action and go to national papers about this scam of an App!

Online support is a joke and I have screenshotted every conversation and lie they have told that I will give to the national papers about this app to warn others!