Are there any Revolut users in Romania?


Hello Revolut Community,

I was curious if there are any users of Revolut in Romania.

How are you topping up your Revolut account from a RON account? Aren’t the conversion rates imposed by banks making the service impractical?




Salut! Eu am cont la BCR si imi pun bani direct de pe card. Comisionul e 0 si imi ajung banii in contul Revolut instant! :smiley:



Si eu am tot la BCR dar am comision de conversie dacă plătesc în alta moneda decât RON.



Eu doar cand fac top-up in GBP imi ia putin, dar in EUR e mereu 0



Hm, ai vreun card special? In documentul [1] specifica ca taxa de conversie este 2% (cauta ‘conversie valutara’).

[1] -



Am un City Card, cred ca de asta :confused:



Hi! I’d like to take advantage of this opened thread to ask the following: next July I’m traveling to Romania for 3 weeks and I plan to use my revolut card (I’m from Portugal). Does mastercard (revolut card) work everywhere or should I bring my portuguese debit card (that works in euros) to Romania? Thanks for your help!



Mastercard should work everywhere in Romania.



Gents, am o intrebare scurta. Am observat ca la top-up-urile in Lei pe extrasul bancar imi apare un posibil comision de 2,55%. Spun posibil pentru ca suma este inclusa in suma transferata si nu apare defalcat. De exemplu, la un top-up de 1000 Lei, pe extras imi apar 1025.55 Lei. De altfel, tot in extras, aceasta suma apare ca plata POS international, iar banca are comision 0 la o astfel de plata. Folosesc Unicredit, card debit, Visa.

V-ati lovit careva de o situatie asemanatoare?



Withdrawn more money than the top-up I did

Din cauza nesimțitelor de bănci românești, cămătari cu acte în regula. Atâta vreme cât moneda venita la decontare este Ron, moneda cu care se și face plata, n-ar trebui sa existe nicio taxă. Eu alimentez contul Ron Revolut cu Mastercard in Ron emis de Telekom Banking, cost 0. Retragere numerar de la BT 0, transfer bancar in lei in cont de lei la TB 0 lei. Doar BT taxează încasare in cont lei cu 5 Ron.



Din experiența personală și din ce am citit online din experiențele altor utilizatori, există bănci Românești care tratează alimentările în RON ca pe cheltuieli normale cu comision 0, în timp ce altele le taxează (nejustificat) cu comisioane de schimb.

Lista celor cu comision 0: Libra, ING, Banca Transilvania, Raiffeisen, BCR.

Lista celor care percep comision: BRD, OTP, UniCredit, Garanti, Bancpost, Intesa Sanpaolo.

Dacă știți de altele, vă rog să completați aici.



I’d like to ask the Romanian users for some advice. Replying in Romanian is fine (I’ll forward it).

A Romanian friend has created a Revolut account in Romania, has received the Revolut card, but is unable to transfer RON from her BCR current account to her Revolut RON account. The Revolut app gives a destination IBAN and a reference number to use (common things in the UK/EU) … but the BCR bank does not give the option to insert a reference when making a transfer. Moreover, it says the IBAN is wrong because it is longer than expected.

Can anyone here with a BCR account share any tips on how to transfer RON from BCR to Revolut?

Is there another option?



I’ve got an account at BCR, but have never tried a transfer… Is she trying to top up the account? It’s fee-free if you do it via a debit card :slight_smile: Transfers are usually expensive, I’ve only done one from Revolut to BCR and they charged quite a high fee

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Thanks for answering! Yes she has been trying to top-up and so far only attempted a bank transfer from BCR to Revolut … which seemed like science fiction for the BCR folks (she went into the bank and showed them the app and requirements).

Are you saying that she should just try Top up > Using ... > Debit card from BCR and that this does not incur fees?

p.s. Indeed transfers are expensive. I was surprised, to be polite, to learn there are fees (pretty high too) for doing virtually any kind transfer in Romania, including RON to RON within the same Romanian bank …

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Yes, I do recommend topping up with a debit card from BCR as it’s instant and it doesn’t incur any fees :wink: There’s just one strange thing - when I top up, it blocks the exact amount, but when the transaction is complete it changes a little. It still says that the commission is 0, but sometimes it takes a few extra cents and other times it takes a little less than you’ve topped up :joy: I honestly don’t know what could be causing it, but I just wanted to let you know :slight_smile:



Many thanks for that, it’s now looking hopeful!

Regarding the discrepancies in amounts – you should probably report that to Revolut. It could be a bug in their system (it’s still not 100% problem free).

p.s. I would remove the credit card number, even if it has 6 X’s … in fact, I’d remove the screenshots altogether. Some of those X’s are fixed, they identify the bank, leaving only 2-3 X’s to be guessed; your full name is available publicly in the Revolut account, and there are transaction IDs and amount visible in the screenshots … there were instances when attackers used such info for identity theft, calling banks and obtaining access to the account.

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Am aflat care este buba, acordurile semnate sau nu de fiecare banca cu MasterCard si Visa, cele care taxeaza o fac fie cu o suma fixa, fie cu costusturile trecerii prin moneda de referinta a MasterCard (USD), respectiv Visa (EUR).

De exemplu, top-up in cont Revolut RON cu Mastercard emis de Telekom Banking in RON in valoare de 100 lei, contul a fost debitat insa cu 103.51 lei pentru ca suma a fost convertita in USD astfel incat la reconversia Mastercard din USD in lei la Revolut sa ajunga exact 100 lei.

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City Card e Visa sau Matercard?



La inceput era Maestro, acum e MasterCard :+1:

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Suma e destul de apropiata de limitele din restul tarilor (£400/€400) :thinking: