Are Revolut IBANs working?

I am new to Revolut. I see from previous threads there are issues with Revolut IBANs, but I cannot see if they have been resolved. Anyone give me a clue on this? I have just applied for an IBAN with my card which now has a ‘Euro’ IBAN and starts GB69REVO…

I have checked the IBAN with my bank (FirstDirect), they do not recognise it and cannot send money to it. So it looks to me as though Revolut still have an IBAN problem. If so, the card is of no use to me.

Thanks for any feedback.

Yep IBANs previously had an issue where they had ‘LT’ instead of ‘GB’. The new IBANs now have GB for both the IBAN and BIC.

Sounds like it’s a legacy bank issue. First Direct must not have updated their database of BICs.

If it’s a UK bank why not transfer money to the current account via a bank transfer (using the account number and sort code)?

That method is not convenient. The card is being used by my daughter who is
not in the UK for some months. She intended to use it to receive money
(Euros) via IBAN from employers for whom she will be doing temporary work
while she is travelling in Europe.

Is she using Revolut for business purposes?

No. She is a student picking up a bit of work here and there

OK thank you.

Does your bank support SEPA payments?

I don’t know the answer to that. But the critical issue is not my bank but
whichever bank a temporary employer of my daughter may use.

Sounds like Revolut IBAN is still a work in progress and not yet ready for
the use case we were thinking of.

Not sure if you are a Revolut staffer, but if so I am not comfortable with
my issue being the subject of a public forum. If you want more feedback or
have a solution, then please use the private contact details you have on
file for me. Thanks

Yes he is a Revolut staffer. :r: employees can be identified by the :r: logo at the lower right corner of the avatar, and s/he will have a shield next to the name and ‘Team Revolut’ as well.

To contact Andreas using the private Direct Messaging function:

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