are all cards now contactless


have ordered a card, but wondering are they all contactless

as personally I don’t like them in case lose them

can you get the contactless feature deactivated, also how much is it for a spare card


Yes, they are all contactless.

But you can turn off the contactless functionality in the app, also if you lose the card you can disable it instantly in the app too.

Hope this helps


Hi! Yes, all the newly issued cards do have contactless technology. Fortunately, you can disable it! :slight_smile: You can also order a virtual spare card for £5 or a physical one for £10


how can you use a virtual spare one??

that’s good you can disable it.

if i wanted to load funds on a card can i do it in uk if my daughter has card in spain, if i register my phone to the account


A virtual one is used for online transactions usually. You should be able to top-up even if she is in Spain, but keep in mind that both cards are tied to the same account :smiley:


understand the one account, just that i be topping up as and when need it

had a travelex last yr but you do get hit with rate but she had a 2nd spare card

so i be nbest ordering 2nd card when first placing order


You can order it from the “Cards” section :wink:


How this can work? All transactions bellow the limit are off-line. Only between card (chip) and terminal. How you can disable it from the app?


:r: (pre-paid) debit cards use Mastercard as a payments network.

Your card <–> Merchant <–> Acquirer (Merchant’s bank) <–> Mastercard <–> Issuer (Wirecard) <–> Financial institution (:r:).


I do not understand I am sorry to say… :frowning:
Again. All contactless transactions with amount below the limit (EUR 20 typically) are off-line. It means out of Mastercard network. It is only between card and terminal… How it is possible to disable this transaction?


I’m not quite sure where you get this from, but it’s not the case.
There is no offline limit in most pre-paids cards, for obvious reasons.
Revolut doesn’t support any kind of offline payment that I am aware of, it’s not a Debit Standard or Credit Card.


Contactless is not a P2P network or like Bitcoin where the money is transmitted directly from wallet to wallet. There is a settlement layer involved.

For offline transactions, just because they’re classed as ‘offline’ doesn’t mean that the transactions don’t go through a payments network (Mastercard/Visa.). They’re just batch processed later on at a specific time, rather than going through live.