Are 3rd party international transfers allowed?


I’ve recently started using Revolut and I have this question; I have seen in some forum posts people saying it is allowed whereas in some others I’ve seen people saying it is not so I’m not sure if I can or not.

In my case, I’ve recently started working abroad and I wanted to know if I can receive moneyy (currency AUD) from my employer directly into my Revolut account using the pooled IBAN (with the reference number).


I should be possible. Please remember about inter banks fee.

It is possible indeed. Just be prepared that the incoming money is blocked in the pooled account until you provide evidence (transfer confirmation from the other bank or your employer) that this amount was transferred. This happens even though the sender used the correct reference number.
It is a big hassle indeed but should be fine after 2-3 such transfers from the same sender come in. Still you need to check in with the support every time you expect a transfer.