Application for iPad

I would love to see an optimized App for the iPad. :blush:


With more screen real estate they could take advantage of much richer complications.

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We need an iPad App!

Competitors have an iPad App🤷🏻‍♂️


An optimized App for the iPad was released. Thanks :r: Team! :+1:

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Awesome! Just downloaded it.

Seems quite buggy for now and not very well optimised for the size of the display.

However, I’m sure that will be fixed soon enough

May I suggest the Revolut team remove the Hub in the iPad and have all the stuff listed on the side bar.

Might as well use that space, makes it much easier to navigate and get to where we want to go faster.

Or instead of pinning the products at the top, pin them in the side bar.

I’d be interested to know how this works out with notifications?
Previously - say I logged into Revolut on iPhone, and then on iPad, only the device with the most recent login would receive push notifications (that was using iPhone version on both devices).
Do they work on both simultaneously now?

To answer that question: I’m logged in on both iPad and iPhone. My most recent login was on iPhone. Looks like I’m only receiving transaction notifications to iPad though :pensive: