Apple Watch app

The Apple Watch app doesn’t seem to work. I can’t register the watch with the phone as it just keeps saying sign in on you phone when trying to register.

When I go sign in to Revolut on my phone the watch app eventually times out.

Anyone using the watch app ok?

Hi Bryan,

The watch app will automatically login in once you type your passcode into your phone, and then remain logged in. If you are having trouble, try logging out of your Revolut app on your phone (via the button at the bottom of the profile) and logging back in. The next time you open the watch app it should also log in and then remain logged in

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Thanks very much, now works OK.

Great, keep an eye out for more features coming to our watch app soon!

Apple Watch shows “Account information could not be retrieved. Please try again!”.
Reinstallation and re-login did not help!

I have just the same problem. No changes after reinstallation or re-login

I also have problems with the Watch app. Opening it and the Revolut app simultaneously on the phone normally resolve for me.

One thing I’d really like to see improved in the Watch app is the complication seems to only show the ‘highest’ wallet balance.

I’d like the option to pre-select a default balance that should always be shown ideally

Tried that, but no luck

Actually now it doesn’t work at all just keeps asking me to login on the phone. I’ve logged out on phone and in again but no good. Apple Watch app is a bug

My amount is not updating on the watch…also it requires quite often to login at phone, so not so useful complications?

Should the app stay open in the backround to be updating the info?

Apple Watch app is outdated for a long time. I wish Revolut would take these matters more seriously and keep a regular updated of the iOS infrastructure. I am happy that I can manage my money, but daily use goes beyond that. I would like to tell my watch that it can access the data in the phone without typing password every time and that it would notify me every time I make a transaction, that is, a complication with real time updates on my balance.

I understand it is not for everyone, most people don’t want to show their balance on the watch face, but it is first and foremost a pre-paid card and when I use it as such I would like to have that kind of control.


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