Apple Watch app: 2 different amounts in same currency


My main currency is CHF. When I look at the current amounts on my card in the Apple Watch, CHF is shown twice.

The first amount is outdated and when I click on it, I get sent to the detail page for CHF, there the current amount is correct,

The second CHF amount shown is correct and current.

How can I get rid of the old and outdated amount?


I have the same problem.


Are both apps on the latest version of the app?


Mine are both the latest versions.


Same for me. I now removed the app from the watch and reinstalled it, at the moment, only the current CHF amount is shown. Will observe if it stays like that when amounts change.


Did the same. Seems to have cured the issue for now.


Quick update: Hasn’t happened again. So it seems this was a bug in the previous version which the update only cured after uninstalling and reinstalling.


@AndreasK The problem keeps reappearing. I am always on the latest available iOS version. After a while, the watch version shows CHF twice with different amounts. Reinstalling fixes it, but is of course not a solution.


In the meantime, all currencies are duplicated and show different amounts.