Apple Pay Top-Up with non EEA Cards


I am opening a new thread as the original one has veered off topic without a definitive answer. I am referring to this one: Apple Pay "Add a card that is accepted by this app"

Can anybody from Revolut, maybe @AndreasK give us a definitive, non-speculative answer about this issue?

-Seems that some people can use non EEA Cards with Apple Pay, while others can’t.
-Somebody with the same app version, Swissbankers MasterCard can use it to top up Revolut via Apple Pay, while I and others can’t.
-Another user can’t use an EEA issued card anymore.

So it is hard to believe this is a purely EEA related issue as this all started with the latest App versions.

Please avoid this becoming an off-topic speculative thread like the other one. We really need a clear, official statement here.

Thank you!


Bumping this up. Any chance we can get a definitive answer from Revolut on this? Thank you!


Hi there. Unfortunately non EEA cards are not supported. You will need an EEA card for top up via Apple Pay.


Thank you @AndreasK for clarifying. I guess the EEA cards that don’t work and the non-EEA cards that do work, are just a fluke then.

Hopefully personal CH IBANs will really see the light soon then.


I’m not aware of non EEA cards that work with Apple Pay, we would love to investigate this.



Here are comments by other users. Maybe they can give you more feedback.

There is user @Gekko claiming that his/her Swiss card works:

And on the other side there is user @Dan3 claiming that his EEA card doesn’t work:

That being said, may I suggest your developers add a meaningful error message to the Revolut App that clearly explains to the users why the card in her/his wallet do not work.

And let’s beat a dead horse again: Hopefully personal CH IBANs will really see the light soon. :wink:

Thank you for your much appreciated help, Andreas.




I would like to also add my case as an example, I have a Swiss non EEA card, and I used to be able to add credit using Apple Pay and have done so many times in the past. Here is a very recent example.

Since the last update I’ve started receiving the aforementioned error message requesting that I add a card that’s compatible with the app.


Yes, as mentioned before non EEA cards are no longer compatible with apple pay top ups. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.