apple pay top up with boon


Hello. I have a French Boon. Card which I use for Apple Pay.
Top Ups with this Apple Pay card will always be rejected/declined. Does anybody else have this problem?

thanks guys!


Hello @benrich :smile:

boon. doesn’t support topping up through prepaid cards and/or cards which don’t support 3DSecure. So there’s two reasons why :r: is not working with boon. :wink:


Did not want to top up my boon card.
Wanted to top up my revolut account with Apple Pay/boon.


I have the same problem, boon told me that it was declined because of security. I asked them if they could allow it manually, but no answer until yet from them.


I’m having the same issue.

I just tried to top up my Revolut account using Apple Pay with my Boon card.

I got an error saying “your bank has declined the transaction, please contact their cards payment division”.

I emailed them but didn’t receive a response yet.


I can imagine that they want to make sure it’s not used for cash advance credit fraud (credit card surfing). I can see this being a “security” concern.


boon confirmed, that they won‘t allow to use their card to top up revolut via apple pay.