Apple Pay top-up declined

Anyone else having problems with Apple Pay top-up? My top-ups are declined. I’ve contacted the Revolut support, and they are claiming that no security code is provided. That doesn’t make any sense of course, since Apple Pay doesn’t use CCV/CVC.

Anyone else having problems with Apple Pay top-up? Apple Pay works otherwise fine, including apps like TransferWise.

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Hi @MrWatanabe.

Did you try to delete & re-add the card?


Andreas K.

Yes, I did. And now I’ve heard from colleagues having exactly the same problem (and the same, wrong error message).

Let’s get in touch via DM, so that I can take a closer look into your account.

Thanks. Message sent.


I have same problem. Doesn’t work at all, just decline.

I am from Sweden which just got Apple Pay, they maybe could be one of the problems?

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Same problem! Would really like some support :slight_smile:

Seeing this same issue with both Nordea and Jyske Bank cards. Top-up in DKK. I have talked with Revolut about this issue like 15-20 times via chat + via Twitter DM. I reported the issue more than 2 months ago.

Nothing ever happens and I’ m lucky if somebody undertands the issue. Was told 2 months ago that is was reported to tech. I have never got any update or heard from tech.


Apple Pay top-up with Jyske Bank and Danish Nordea issued card now does work (DKK – Danish kroner). Yay!

same here - Apple Pay Topup doesent work with a Swiss credit card (VISA by Cornerbank)

Unfortunately Revolut have said that Apple Pay won’t work with non EEA issued cards.

what is EEA ? sorry if its a dumb question …

European Economic Area. New rules say that companies cannot charge extra for credit/debit card transactions on cards issues in the EEA. Unfortunately Switzerland is not part of the EEA.

thanks! that was helpful … ok bad for swiss customers