Apple Pay support


Oof. Revolut needs to catch up.


So, should we take out March 2019 from the “posible” list ?


I think We can take out 2019 really. It’s been delayed for 2 years already. Why not 3? Amiright?


I’m just hoping Curve gets to this ASAP.
But sadly, I think they are at the moment focusing on bringing back Amex and their subscriptions.


I was thinking about going Metal but given the feedback of users that would be solely to have a nice metal card, but if Apple Pay comes to Poland then I don’t see any value added on having the metal besides higher limits.


I think Curve is talking about 2019 as well.

  • In near future…


:disappointed_relieved: “near future” sounds more distant far away compared from “soon”…

But hoping that this is just part of the distorted parallel universe of “soon” :joy:


Lol. Same answers in late 2017 too about Apple Pay.

Near future
Very soon
This quarter
It’s coming!

I lost hope already. And yes. Is much more convenient even with the exchange fee of monese :man_facepalming: I just can go out just having my phone nothing else.


I hope Curve will go it faster…

@Iskender :joy: how much time per day you go to a bar :rofl:


If Curve gets ApplePay support then actually Revolut (and every card you can add to Curve) will get ApplePay… :thinking:


That is the whole point.


Only downside is Curve is genuinely the worst Fintech company that exists. Don’t believe me? Check and look for most (if not all) threads related to Curve.

I would strongly recommend avoiding them.


I disagree. If you search for threads about Curve at then there are positive threads and stories about problems such as those about Revolut in this forum. You haven’t cited any specific problems with Curve.


Their customer service is like you’d thrown a piece of bread at the keyboard.

They deal with complaints not very well.

When they’ve moved people onto the new Black/Metal tiers they’ve given them AXA Insurance without gaining explicit consent. When asked to deal with this they said they’d either:

  • Immediately downgrade them to the Blue tier
  • Wait until April or May for them to move you over to the special “grandfathered Black” plan

Whereas people wanted:

  • Immediate transfer to grandfathered Black

When they delete accounts they actually just replace the email. This was noted by someone on FintechTalk who managed to log into their account AFTER THEY’D CLOSED IT.

To state some other specific problems

  • they’ve billed cards related closed accounts (they should have declined them)
  • you get notifications for closed accounts that are billed
  • if your friends phone dies and you log out and they log in on your phone, even when they log out and you log into yours, you’ll get notifications for them.

Again, I repeat, avoid Curve with a bargepole. I’d have closed my account but I’m afraid I don’t have any trust that they’ll do it properly!


These are all obscure scenarios and not problems with the everyday use of the service.

My only complaint, and to bring this back on topic, is that Curve is as slow as Revolut to implement Apple Pay. However, Curve’s broken promises about this are not as extreme as Revolut’s.


These are financial services and its clear evidence of incompetence, do you want these people anywhere near your money?

I sure as hell don’t.


What has Curve’s customer service got to do with revolut bringing Apple Pay?


Especially as Curve doesn’t have Apple Pay either. Until they do this discussion couldn’t be more irrelevant.


I was warning against those who planned to use Curve to bridge this once they got Apple Pay.

I’d say a warning against one of the worst Fintech is always relevant.