Apple Pay support


I think @AndreasK and the rest of the staff (@JessicaZ) need to take note of this. This feature needs to be pushed to the front of the queue


Revolut started issuing Visa cards late 2017. Before that, all cards were Mastercards. Around the time when disposable cards were introduced, virtual cards also switched from MC to Visa. My guess is that the majority of basic cards issued in 2018 were Visa cards.


From my understanding most of the older cards in the UK after the initial Visa’s were MC


They recently started issuing Mastercards for Virtual and disposable cards again in many countries.


In 2015: MC, not contactless
In spring/summer 2016: MC contactless
Late 2017: Visa was introduced
2018: Visa or MC, in turns, with the majority of Visa cards issued summer ‘18

(Premium and Metal cards were always MC.)


But then what is holding them down to release this feature?


:rofl::rofl: hahahahaha…I know how you feel…


My croatian Revolut card is finally working with ApplePay, its so simple guys you just need a tape … :sunglasses:


Well, I don’t want to ruin your DIY work, but I believe you need to glue it on your Apple phone face down to get reliable Apple Pay results. :wink:


Ducttape is the new Appe Pay :joy: faster than soon! Get it today!


Nail pay


There is an update to the Revolut app on the App Store, it has Wallet support listed in the App Store details. This was an indicator in the past when another provider added Apple Pay functionality inside the app (like the Deutsche Bank Mobile app). So the question is, was this functionality just added (and thus pointing to an imminent release) or has it been there for a few weeks/months… does anyone know :slight_smile: ?


As far as I know it’s been there for weeks/months. I think Wallet support is for other purposes.


What could be the other use case of the Wallet support? I cannot think of any.


It’s there because you can top up using Apple Pay :slight_smile:


Ah, correct. Always forgetting about this top-up option.

So, Apple Pay, still coming soon™


Maybe for QR codes for airport lounges feature.


guys…please…keep calm…its coming soon :wink:


We all know it’s coming soon™


Fun fact: Revolut has the same card processor as Lydia in France. Lydia has Apple Pay since December 2017! Really would love to know why Revolut takes forever??