Apple Pay support


I don’t think crypto is a big deal here. You can’t do external transfers so…


I totally agree with you, @Recchan. Although I strongly support the EU, the 0.3% cap on interchange fees is one of the worst pieces of EU legislation. It is badly thought out and badly implemented. It stifles the very-developed UK credit card industry, which closely resembles the US credit card industry. Despite this, you’ll never hear a Brexit supporter cite it as a problem.


So do I. I try to explain to people who are against it interfering with local companies that the EU is in a single market to drive competition and trade between the countries, so they’re not interfering with British companies, they’re competing with European Union companies. I think we need tighter monetary union and the deletion of Article 50 though. We shouldn’t give a way out of the Bloc.

Exactly. I’d rather them take 2% interchange so I can get some good cashback :thinking: just ban card fees, heck, even don’t do that. Retailers will just have to succumb to the market when their customers go to somewhere that doesn’t charge :joy:

Brexit supporters can only parrot ideologies given to them by an idiot! No one will ever change my mind on this.

European Union guys should open their eyes a little though, its not all rainbows in the bloc. Its just a lot warmer inside it than out :wink:


I don’t think so. When Apple started last autumn in Germany, Apple posted a „coming in 2019“ section with Revolut on their website. Revolut was then offering crypto for years already. I just can’t see Apple putting a partner logo on their website when they have major concerns about a partnership even happening.


Exactly. In fact, ask a quitter to cite any EU legislation they have a problem with, and they can’t. They perceive all EU legislation as imposed upon the UK by Brussels, whereas the reality is that, particularly with consumer legislation, it is imposed by London upon the rest of the EU.


They also forget that the UK MEP’s agree with 95%ish of legislation to go through EU Parliament :joy: while only strictly opposing 2%

So its not like Westminster would stray too far from the EU laws wise regardless. They’d just strip more of our civil liberties away under the guise of terrorism prevention


I guess that they will release it by the end of March :thinking: As they said Q1 (January, February and March)


I don’t think they said it’s going live Q1. I remember them just saying that they are going to announce more countries in that time frame. :thinking:


Since the new virtual cards are MasterCards now, who wants to try if they work with Apple Pay now? :sweat_smile:


They don’t.



We have found a volunteer! Thank you for testing. :slightly_smiling_face:


yeah still not working (Poland)


almost 20 days to the end of Q1 and still no news on Apple Pay. This is becoming ridiculous.


Given that Revolut first announced Apple Pay was coming “soon” two years ago, I expect that we will be in the same situation a year from now.


So it looks like Revolut launched Garmin Pay (at least for Mastercards)…

Apple Pay still doesn’t work.


Indeed, also in :austria::

Now, I need a Garmin Watch.


Revolut please, I can understand Apple Pay, but Garmin


I see that, for Revolut, only MasterCard is supported with Garmin Pay. I wonder whether support for Visa is something that is holding back Revolut from launching Apple Pay, given that it has forced many customers, particularly in the UK, to switch involuntarily from MasterCard to Visa.


I know you insist that it’s forcing people to switch from Mastercard to Visa, but in my experience they’ve been switching to Mastercard, not the other way around.

I know 2 people that have Visa, the rest are Mastercard. I wish they’d get on already with letting us choose between Maestro, Mastercard and Visa.


Having a choice of card would make a lot of our lives easier. I only retain my N26 € account for the Maestro card. If I had that same card option from Revolut I could close N26 easily.