Apple Pay support


SOON™® twentytwenty…


The wait is almost over for Londoners.

Citymapper Pass is a contactless card, that works on any merchant. It’s just this card is designed for London transport with exclusive subscriptions.

You can link any payment card to the Citymapper Pass, just like Curve.

Citymapper Pass will have Apple Pay (and Google Pay) enabled at launch. Just link your Revolut card to Citymapper Pass, and you can finally use Revolut with Apple Pay!

It will launch next month (or April)


You’re not understanding. What I’m saying is if you use Apple Pay, it does not cap to the underlying card.

As in, if I use my Apple Pay Starling card through Apple Pay and then use the card itself, the cap doesn’t apply to them both as if they’re one card. They apply to them separately.


Yes, because they have separate card numbers. It’s the same as if you use the primary cardholder’s card and a supplementary cardholder’s card; they have different card numbers, despite being on the same account. You must consistently use the same card number on TfL.


I knew that :unamused:


But you seem to be implying that separate card numbers is something unusual or unexpected. I gave you the example of the primary cardholder’s card and a supplementary cardholder’s card, which likewise have different card numbers.


Guys, can we please move on?



Where would you like to go today? :smiley:


Yeah, tomorrow. :skull:


The Apple Pay Belgium version features Revolut as “Coming Soon”


We have waited for France, now it is time to wait for Belgium, well I’m going to grab a popcorn to enjoy the tread and pay for it with Apple Pay (with my Monese) :slight_smile:


I rather stick to my AMEX. :sweat_smile:


2 and half months later…


I really believe they had it almost ready and then something between them an Apple happened. Nobody would make those announcements when there wouldn’t be anything to back that up. My guess is that they aren’t allowed to talk about it because of the NDA.


If you think about it, it is strange to even require an NDA to just make, what it seems like, a technical integration of two systems to work together.
But I know, technical stuff will not be the issue, it’s the money that Apple likes to get. And as much as possible, that’s why they are so protective.


New Apple credit/debit card is comming! :heart_eyes: :rofl:


I don’t see it being released in the EU due to the fact it’s meant to offer cashback on everything. EU caps and all that jazz


I think we all prefer money in our pockets/account than cash back from some credit card providers, so EU is doing good by capping.


It’s illegal under law enacted within member states due to EU directives to charge for card usage, so I’d rather the cap be removed :ok_hand:t2:


I was just thinking, what if Apple does not want to enable Apple Pay for Revolut due to their involvement with crypto ? Something is really weird, as it’s taking too much time for an easy implementation. Why was so easy for Monese ?