Apple Pay support


That’s not a strong enough reason to require everyone who wants Apple Pay to also have a physical card. Give customers a choice and they will be happier than if you make them pay for a physical card that they don’t want or need.


Point taken, however i suspect this is not in revoluts hands. Most likely this is regulated by MC/VISA - it is in their interest that the customer can pay no matter where he is, even using an old carbon copy slot machine if need be - taxis seem to still have these as a backup actually :grinning:


Why would this not be in Revolut’s hands, when it is exactly how Boon implements Apple Pay?


Acording to new article (in Czech language) Apple Pay is not going to start in Slovakia tomorrow as it was supposed… The launch there has been postponed. It should come there in June 2019…


I can see a couple of reasons: a physical card most of the time comes with a delivery fee that might cover the one time fee an issuer is supposedly paying when a card is added to Apple Pay. At least to some extend. Also, when a customer has to have a physical card, he’s more likely using it (more revenue, avoiding Apples share)

(Virtual cards are not „localized“ at the moment. They are Visas. Maybe Visa cards are cheaper to maintain for them as virtual cards, I don’t know. I am not aware of a pan-EEA provider offering Visa with Apple Pay as virtual cards. Maybe it’s more difficult to implement. I don’t know.)

Apple does not allow to attach a fee to tokenize a card. Since a first virtual card would be totally free, they might have decided to not offer Apple Pay for a product that is already hard to monetize.


Is there any supporting evidence? There are so many banks not supporting Apple Pay in Germany, I don’t think this would be the case if it was just a one-time fee.


I haven’t said it’s just a one time fee, sorry, I should have made clear what I meant with „one time“ here. Some details about Apple Pay fees came to light around the time when press reported about the court fight in Australia in 2017.


Isn’t boon a virtual card, of which Revolut doesn’t solely rely on? If you want to be rejected by some merchants for using them


Yes, and I am suggesting that Revolut should issue physical cards, virtual cards and Apple Pay cards all as separate cards within the Cards tab, each with its own security settings.


Wouldnt an apple pay card, just be a virtual card.


I’m guessing - it seems the most logic from VISA/MC standpoint. If revolut starts issuing virtual cards and then let people use them in apple pay all that does is generate cost and very little income for revolut?

It certainly doesnt sound like a very stable business model?


Why? A card added to Apple Pay generates much more turnover due to being much more convenient. I use Revolut only on trips abroad because Apple Pay isn’t supported.


There are plenty virtual only Apple Pay providers out there. That can’t be it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, except that the Apple Pay card’s card number can’t be used for cardholder-not-present transactions, e.g. by entering it on a web site. The card number is valid only in conjunction with a transaction-specific dynamic security code, which means using Apple Pay.


How about just enabling Apple Pay for virtual cards, rather than inventing a card type that doesn’t exist :thinking: since the card numbers generated by Apple Pay are stored on your device only (hence why TfL doesn’t cap to Apple Pay underlying cards)


Apple pay costs revolut a fair bit, if the customer cant use it because apple pay isnt supported well…

I guess i view it from swedish stand point, here adoption of rfid card readers has been very slow and only about 1/3 or maybe ½ of readers so far support apple pay or google pay.

I couldn’t get by very long without a physical card here.


That’s not true at all. My girlfriend and I both enjoy daily and weekly fare capping on TfL using Apple Pay. We have to enter the underlying card number into the TfL web site, but TfL has an arrangement with card issuers to map the Apple Pay virtual card number to the entered physical card number.


Ok, I’m looking at it from a Swiss point of view. There are hardly any terminals not supporting Apple Pay (only old ones, indicating that your business sucks anyway).

However, if it is not worth it because people don’t use contactless much, people will not add the card, and Revolut will not have to pay anything.


If you look at countries where Apple Pay is available for longer and many banks participate, you can still see that mobile payment isn’t replacing cards but accompanying it. UK is a good example for this.


And what would be the benefit over just using any card (virtual or physical), enable Apple Pay, and if desired disable other kinds of transactions in the card settings?