Apple Pay support


There was a discussion earlier in this topic about what Apple charges card issuers in the EU. Someone claimed Apple is charging banks per card added. (Seems logical when considering 0.2% cap in the EU)

If this is the case, it perfectly explains the business model of N26. They only offer Apple Pay to their customers in the United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, and Spain. Customers from Norway, Denmark and Poland cannot use Apple Pay, although Apple previously launched Apple Pay in those countries. So N26 only focused Apple Pay supported Eurozone countries and the UK (they offer accounts in GBP) probably because non-eurozone countries is not their “premium” market. (N26 is not multi-currency friendly) They don’t want to issue a free card, and lose money if someone from Poland adds it to Apple Pay.

In this context, when I reconsider the previous announcements from Revolut like “soon it will be available in France”, “soon it will be available in Germany”, I think Revolut might go in the same path as N26 to offer Apple Pay in the selected countries only.


Apple Pay should start tomorrow in Czech Republic however probably won’t start in Austria and Slovakia. There is only Czech now:


In Spain I added successfully the monese card to Apple Pay, even thought they only support UK and FR customers. Not bad!


Or probably maybe not
There is no Saudi Arabia neither. Guess we will see tomorrow.


In my opinion Revolut wait to start Apple Pay until all EU countries be able to have Apple Pay support!


Don’t see why not
Google pay are supported on the free version


I am sceptical. The German Apple Website says „coming in 2019“. I don’t think Apple Pay will be rolled out all over EEA in that timeframe. I don’t mind if that would be the case, of course.


No, Apple Pay is arriving very soon. They just ended the German bêta test. It will come pretty fast to all users.


Amen to that! This is so true.

One more thing… we all think here that everyone is dying for ApplePay but the truth is totally opposite, the most people “outside” dont give a **** about ApplePay. They are all like “oh, its cool” when you show them on your phone, but when you ask them if they want to have that on their phone too (with boon. you can configure ApplePay in less then 3min and totally free few monhts, they even dont need to go to the bank) they are all like “naah, its ok, i dont really need that”… :wink:


Boon was free wit wire top up. Because of EU law, they had to put a fee on everybody in order to offer free credit card top up. Deutsche Bank is charging a fee for the service of the account. Not apple pay. But I dont know anyone who pays the fee. There are many ways to get out of the fee.


Well, I am not so sure about that. Many German banks recently reported that Apple Pay was indeed a noticeable boost in card issuance and exceeded by far their expectations and what they’ve seen when Google pay startet earlier. Despite Android having 80 percent market share in Germany.

I agree, I don’t get it when people get angry and agitated about it. But the buzz is not just made up.


Google ≠ Apple

Apple ain’t Google - for good reason. :laughing:


Glad that true
Google are not apple


Look I already use Apple Pay. It’s not about to show off but for your own conveniences. Most of the times I don’t even carry on my wallet. So it’s good to have Apple Pay.


I totally agree. I also question whether Revolut will, or should, issue physical cards in order to have Apple Pay. It would reduce costs for both Revolut and its customers if it becomes possible to create an Apple Pay card directly from the app (as with Boon) without ordering a physical card.


They should and they will. Until we live in a society like Japan where the crime rate is impressively low, I don’t like the idea of my phone getting stolen and me having literally no payment method.


Why should it be compulsory to have a physical card in order to have Apple Pay? Why not give a separate choice to each customer whether to have a physical card and whether to have an Apple Pay card? You might choose to have both for the reasons you’ve given, but others might want only one of the two.


To stop the small minority that will complain post-losing phone and then act like its Revolut’s fault.


That’s implausible. Why would they do that any more than if they lose a physical card?


If you lose something physical you can’t complain. If you opt to not take the physical card and lose your phone, someone will go “why didn’t you make me take the card as a backup”

I guarantee it