Apple Pay support


No no no.

They said

For Non-UK Revolut customers, in the event of a no-deal, we will begin the process of transferring you to our European authorised subsidiary.

When asked about what that means exaclty (if it’s the Lithuanian revolut, which holds the EU license or something else, they refused to reply. There are people who asked and got only “we are sorry, we cannot provide that information” on a simple question: revolut LT or something else?

subsidiary is not the same with entity. An EU entity would act almost the same as the main one (For example, AirAsia. AirAsia Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines they’re different entities but interconnected.

A subsidiary can be another, different business with different plans (e.g. Lufthansa and Germanwings)


That makes no sense. Why would this depend on citizenship? You can’t seriously suggest that an EU27 citizen resident in the UK would be moved an an EU27 entity or that a British citizen resident in the EU27 would remain on the UK entity.


You’re probably right, this is incorrect, as residency is more likely driving this.
And yes, I had the LT company in mind, whatever the relationship to the UK company is.

But then anyway, this is relevant in the event of a completely hard Brexit. All rules valid within the EU lose their validity in regards of the UK?!

So the UK is a 3rd party nation in the view of the EU without a lot of contacts in place between them. Certainly not one that regulates permanent residency.

So the situation about UK citizen with residency in the EU and vice versa is non existent anymore. They would turn into tourists requiring a visa and need to leave after a rather short period of time. As the basis for their residency is no longer valid, they lose this right.

A rather black scenario, IMHO.


That’s not necessarily true. Portugal, Britain’s oldest ally since 1386, has said that British citizens can stay with full rights regardless of what happens with Brexit. Other EU27 countries have made similar statements. Anyway this has nothing to do with Revolut, so please don’t debate this here.


No it doesn’t in itself, it just shows how unclear the situation is and therefore Revolut can’t possibly give better information then that they do planning games and have alternatives.
But this question wasn’t really related to Apple pay, was it?


Oh god, every time I see the tread with +50 new post and I’m thinking “oohhh Apple pay was launched when I’m gone”?!
But no, just people arguing each other for things that are not sure :slight_smile:



hahahaha :rofl: :ok_hand: :+1:


Maybe we should close this thread and only open one again when Revolut actually does support Apple Pay, which should be soon :tm:


I like that! Soon ™®

*Soon name and symbol are a registered trademark owned and administered by Revolut

Revolut service Soon™ is a promotional service that enhances the enthusiasm and anticipation of the user and/or any accompanied main Revolut products.


I think they have “around the corner” as a registered trademark too. Just so we know to add it to the inventory.


Residency is shown on my national ID card (back side) … EU


Will Apple Pay even be supported for non-premium users? I guess no one ever thought about that one…


Yes, of course. Revolut have already said that it will be available to everyone (which some misread as everyone in a geographical sense). If they restricted Apple Pay to premium users, then they might as well likewise restrict physical cards to premium users. Both would be an equally self-defeating policy, and I have yet to see a card issuer that takes such an approach. Remember that Apple Pay cards are less costly to issue than physical cards, which ought to be reflected in their availability. I hope that Revolut will allow Apple Pay cards to be created from the app (like Boon and Deutsche Bank). This would be an advantage to customers who don’t want or need to pay for a physical card.


But boon actually costs monthly making it effective an Apple Pay card that costs money to use and Deutsche Bank also charges monthly for their accounts.


You really think no one thought about this yet? :wink: Here’s just one:


Can you show me the source? :stuck_out_tongue:


You assumed no one “though about this”. My link is already the source and proof that it was thought about over a year ago. (I am not claiming that the contents of that statement are true. How useful would be a Twitter statement from over a year ago anyway.)


Point taken. :sweat_smile:



As our friend Regalia says in every comment, we will see Apple Pay in 2020