Apple Pay support


It doesn’t matter anymore, I received my Monese card today and it’s already added to Apple Pay. In the evening I will transfer all my money from N26 and close it. I’m tired of this bureaucracy and rest of the nonsense.


I did multiple times and got almost word for word same response.


So how do you explain this? When no matter what is my address I always get same country BIN on my card which matches my ID, passport.


Can you add it to Slovenian iTunes? If not your BIN checker is wrong.


Support reps are often not reliable. They can be sloppy and inaccurate with language.


Don’t they require a proof of residence ? Like a electric bill or something ? I want to ask my friend in Denmark for his address and he can ship it to me afterwards. Is this possible ?


Shipping addresses do not need prof of residency. But account holder address should.

(In principle, shipping addresses should not affect Apple Pay availability. There are some reports that suggest they do. But that also might have changed. So I would not trust any report about this that can’t proof this worked recently.)


iTunes acceptance is not reliable. I’m italian and I can add a UK Mastercard debit card (Curve) while I can’t add my Revolut prepaid Visa.


During account verification process, they ask you to share the location via app. Also checking your network provider during the video call.


Revolut’s Visa cards aren’t localized yet. Only recent Mastercards are.


I know well. What about Curve? That was the point of my post.


Well, if iTunes works with a specific Apple ID, that is a strong indication that the card is “localized”.


Curve cards are not “localized”. They officially said that every card is issued in UK.


All Revolut cards are also issued in the UK. UK companies only can issue UK cards, unless they work with local partner issuers.

Localization can be achieved with something that Mastercard calls “account ranges”.


Residence and shipping adress are two different things. Proof of residence is your national card, passport and so (and yes, they will ask you to show them live on their so long video chat) but your shipping adress dont need to be the same country like adress on your id card, adress where you live now, it can be totally different and at the end you will get the card depends on that, the shipping adress. At least i got that and know many others with the same situation.


Place of residence is not shown on any country’s passports or on most countries’ national identity cards. These travel documents confirm only identity and nationality, not residency (except if a visa is stuck into a passport).


Guys, it is just Apple Pay. There are no laws or anything involved. It is only Apple which for some reason wants their services to be limited to certain countries. There are several ways to implement this more or less reliably and how exactly it will be done is just a matter of negotiation between Revolut and Apple.


I did the same thing with Starling bank. Now I can use my Starling card with Apple Pay in Czech republic.


Do anyone know how much it costs DHL express to America? I want N26 too, especially because our future (EU citizens) with revolut is uncertain and they don’t want to clarify that :))


They put up a blog explaining that EU citizen would be moved to their EU entity. No further details yet, true, but who knows what will haven end of March, anyway… I’m pretty sure they are quite prepared for different scenarios.