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So why does every N26 card has bin according to country in your passport?


Not true! Its all about billing address nothing else.


Shipping addresses aside (I believe the allocation of BINs is not related to shipping addresses), it isn’t established here that N26 allocates BINs based on nationality or proven residency.

Banks have to have a customer’s registered address on file, for tax purposes for example. At the time of verification, the most straightforward way in Germany would be the national ID. (German passports don’t have the full address, only the city of residency.)

Also, residents of Germany have the duty to register every non-temporary address with authorities. Then their ID would be updated. Or residents with a visa would get that updated. So it’s fair to assume that the address printed on a national ID is indeed the registered home address of that individual.

So when permanently moving to another country, one would tell N26 the new home address, and N26 would have to change the billing address for the credit card and the registered address of that customer, probably asking for some proof for this address. That’s mandatory. And it changes how they report interest from investment products, for example.

When now getting a replacement card, I don’t see why they wouldn’t allocate a card with a BIN specific to the registered home address of that customer.


I recently moved to Paris and asked the N26 support if I can use my card with apple pay even though I lived in Austria before. The answer was yes as long as your apple id account has the same french address registered as n26. Sorry if this has already been mentioned just wanted to add my 2 cents :wink:


Thanks for sharing this. I wasn’t aware that N26 does an address match via Apple ID. Was N26 asking for some sort of proof for your new address after you moved? Like a utility bill or something?

It’s also interesting because it could mean N26 is not using account ranges (BINs) after all to control availability of Apple Pay.


Yes they need one of the following:

  • copy of your identity card showing the new address (valid).
  • copy of a residence certificate (no older than 6 months).
  • copy of a utility bill from a service provider in your name, such as a landline, electricity, or water bill (no older than 3 months).

And they ONLY accept above, no chance to validate with anything other than mentioned


Thanks for confirming. Makes a lot of sense.

I think the address match is a very clever implementation of region control. I can see Revolut doing it in a similar way. We will see.


Revolut is just messing with BIN numbers.


What i wrote is what they told me, but you seem bend on just ignoring it, because you “feel” something, but can’t explain it.


I’m telling you again, I live in Germany. Still can’t use it. I’m not a German national.


Well you have to ask them. Thats why they like to call themself “bank for nomads” because for them its not important where do you really live and what is your nationality, you will get german card if your delivering country is Germany.


I know this and still, it doesn’t work. My colleague recently just signed up (he is French) got his card and was able to add it to Apple Pay. The evidence is irrefutable.


Why? On registration i didnt put ANY false information about me. They have all my real informations and they know i am not from Germany, i am not German and i dont pay tax there. The ONLY thing i put there that is not connected with my country is shipping adress because they are not sending cards to my country. They didnt mind to send that card to Germany even they see i am not from there. And i got normal german n26 card with working apple pay.


Maybe you should just ask them instead of making up random conclusions.


What’s your registered residency address then?


I’m Swedish and I’ve got apple pay working with N26. I used my friend’s address in Finland.

Skickat från min iPhone

  • Did you update your registered billing address with Revolut?
  • Did you provide proof for the German address as reported here?
  • Did you ask N26 what else would be necessary to do for you to use Apple Pay? (There are many theories floating around, like ordering a new card with a localized BIN or matching the billing address of your Apple ID)


My N26 card has Slovenian BIN. I’m not associated to Slovenia in any way.


Shipping address only, or account billing address? And when? Early after Apple Pay became available with N26 or recently?

I can imagine that they were relatively relaxed about this in the beginning and then later changed their policy after Apple intervened.


What I wrote here was confirmed by multiple support reps almost word for word.