Apple Pay support


We are on an Apple Pay topic. I would prefer Revolut with Apple Pay for the low cost, but do I have that option in Romania? No? Until now I used Apple Pay trough HSBC UK with a 2.75% fx fee and Monese reduced that fee for me.


I will not close my Revolut account. That was a message for Revolut So they would understand my frustration. Why a small player like Monese could offer this for their customers and Revolut can’t?


Revolut didn’t say they are not doing Apple Pay though. They are working on it. It’s coming. But I do feel your frustration. Probably not as much because I have Apple Pay everywhere else but Curve but I do feel the frustration.

But I just don’t like what Monese are doing, that’s all. Good for them for getting Apple Pay but screw them for asking us to pay for basic things.


There’s no minimum anymore. I asked them because was obviously too bad. And tested as well in Mexico yesterday and there’s no 2€ min fee.

Also, their plans can be activated and deactivated as much as you want because are not yearly based. So the 15€ plan becomes very useful when traveling outside of EU because you have no withdrawal limit.


Are you saying this page is outdated then?
Because it clearly says: “Foreign currency exchange 2% fee (€2 minimum fee)”


Yes. The updated pricing is in the Terms and Conditions page. I got the Plus account and I have 0.5% FX fee and no minimum.


Yes. It’s outdated.


OK thank you. Although 2% is a lot :wink:


0.5 % at the 4.95£ Plus account. If you use the referral system you can get the account for free for a few months until Revolut will activate Apple Pay.


So, acording to Czech article Apple Pay is coming to the Czech republic on February 19th. And some other countries shoud come on that day too. But ofc it’s based only on some rumours.


I already have an account, which is the starter pack and which is enough for me just for Apple Pay, but thanks for the hint :slight_smile:


So it’s 0.5% per transaction + 4.95 per month. It’s better, but still a lot for Apple Pay.

The starter plan is a lot more attractive than the Plus to be fair (if ONLY for Apple Pay use), especially now that they removed the €/£2 minimum. Spend 8p more on a £4 coffee.


And again, in EURO countries there is no FX fee.


so what if your bill is under 2 euro? you cant pay it with monese card or exchange fee will be bigger then 2% ?


You can make payments under €2! :slight_smile:


Thats nice. Hope Revolut will work on the same way like Monese once they accept ApplePay (talking about not limiting users with where they live, all Monese cards are from the same country and ApplePay accepted).


The 2£/Euro limit is only for the ATM withdrawals, not POS Apple Pay payment.


I don’t understand why we are talking about monese…


Because they understood our needs…probably from this community :slight_smile: , and we are on an Apple Pay request topic.


Anyway, probably Revolut implementation (sadly) will be not like Monese since they already started back then to ship already country BIN-specific cards :frowning: