Apple Pay support


Too bad. Well the idea didn’t sound too bad. :sweat_smile:


Ah yes, compare it with people that already have implemented Apple Pay and just needed the approval to enable it in the UK.


So? Revolut has been teasing this for 2+ years now.

And what about Monese?




So when they said Apple Pay will be released soon, they were refering to their competitors ! Finaly it has some logic the “soon” drama.


Well ok, you are “dismissing” something just because it doesn’t concern you. Revolut has always been about convenience. You could set up an IB account and do your own forex trading, then open accounts in foreign currencies / countries. Done right this would be even cheaper than Revolut. Inconvenient? You bet.

Revolut has simplified this process, which is basically a luxury. They also claim to be hardcore about progressive, digital banking: “A Radically Better Account”. Not offering Apple Pay is a radically worse debit card (which itself is just more convenient than cash). Because you have to take the actual card with you. With Apple Pay I don’t need to bring my wallet when buying lunch. I don’t need my phone nor my wallet when I’m hungry after going running and swimming (Apple Watch). This is mostly just convenience. But that’s all Revolut has ever been about. I know 4 people (excl. myself) who have switched their card issuer because their bank doesn’t offer Apple Pay (Swiss banking cartel) and one who did the same for Samsung Pay. Anecdotal evidence, but at least it is not just you and your distorted opinion.

The real luxuries are airport lounges, crypto currencies, stock trading etc. But handling your everyday transactions in the most convenient and most secure way online and offline: not a luxury but the actual core feature of a Radically Better Account ™ .

BTW: Local account? Just convenience (simply use some other service instead like TW).


Also, most people use the same authentication method in the Revolut app (of course rightfully so, at least on iOS). Once they have cut off your finger and also have your phone they can just open the Revolut app and look up your card details including the pin. Or send money to other accounts they set up with fake Ids.


Don’t need to cut off anything. If someone threatens you or your beloved ones just enough you will show them everything they want. That behavior usually does not include a street thief. :sweat_smile:


I think you don’t know this…
But if you cut off your finger and you use that dead finger for Touch ID, it won’t work…Touch ID is more secure than you think.


I disagree. Revolut is meant to be banking without borders. Why else offer to hold foreign FX when you could just convert it on the fly? Because they want to be your bank, wherever you go. Removing the borders from banking in the process :ok_hand:t2:

From Poland, to Austria, to Japan, to Singapore, to the US. You could use Revolut in all of them, locally. Send money back to your friends and family. (once Revolut open in those countries anyways)

My distorted opinion? I’m relatively sure as of current contactless via a card is more popular than Apple Pay, especially on a global scale, which is what Revolut aims to become.

I agree. Airport lounges I can understand due to the heavy focus on being everywhere with Revolut, but crypto currencies and stock trading are definitely just to get more profit and could have been sat on the back burner.

See my first tangent about how Revolut is about banking without borders.

Their rates aren’t spectacular once you factor in their fee, but I don’t have many friends abroad as of current so it isn’t much of an issue.





What’s that about??? more info please :slight_smile:


I just used my monese card with Apple Pay (I have monese since July 2018, never used it until today :joy: )


Man…having to order a Monese card to use apple pay is just frustrating…c’mon revolut. What are you doing?


Well even if.

Revolut Apple Pay won’t be available for Romanian users. Monese is not making any discrimination (not yet) so they have Apple Pay to everyone


Sadly my card will arrive on the 20th this month. Hope I can still add it to Apple Pay by then. Will be probably terminate my premium account on Revolut because theirs recent actions (look on their official subreddit ) are shocking and seem to be more and more sketchy with all the censorship.


I ordered a Monese card too, and I will close Revolut.


Monese states at that “You don’t need to provide local proof-of-address”, so its Apple Pay is based solely on the location of the card issuer, as it should be. There is no reason compatible with the principles of the EU single market for why it should be based at all on postal address.


…why? Monese is expensive. The starter (and Plus) tier plans are trash compared to Revolut…

You would have to spend an additional 2% (or minimum €2) everytime you make a purchase outside of EU/UK…

It’s the premium tier that is decent, and that costs £15 per month…

At least Revolut gives you things like loungekey, virtual cards, cashback and medical insurance with that price…


Exactly. The T&Cs are clearer on this than marketing pages. They say “Mastercard wholesale exchange rate plus 2% of the transaction value (minimum £2 / €2 on ATM withdrawals)”. Unlike Revolut, which is designed for travelling, Monese is totally unsuitable for travelling or any cross-currency transaction. I could suggest several other card issuers that support Apple Pay and do not charge such fees when travelling. Monese is not a solution at all.