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If UK will leave the EU (which I still hope they wont), Revolut will base their business on their Lithuanins licence when trading in EU.


Yes and they will probably do the same thing as Curve with their issuers.

but let’s stick to the Apple Pay here…


The comes back to the question of what “rollout” or any other similar term means. Is it based on country of the card issuer (which is how it already works in most cases), country where the card is used, or country where the customer has a postal address? The last is the least obvious to most people, yet that it what most of us believe above. Revolut needs to make this clear to avoid ambiguity and further misleading its customers about what will be available.


All Revolut features are released based on where the customer’s legal residence is. It isn’t rocket science to assume the same would happen with new features.


Apple Pay is usually released based on the country of the card issuer. It would be reasonable and natural for typical consumers (as opposed to us in this thread) to believe, from Revolut’s unspecific public statements, that the same will apply to Revolut.


Revolut already stated in a past tweet that it will be available exclusively to users from countries where Apple Pay is available.

Understand this please. We’re repeating the same shit daily. It won’t come for users in countries where Apple Pay is not available.
Probably it won’t come until revolut is getting rid of the old UK BIN cards.


I think most people only have bank accounts within their own country and as such assume it’s linked to their country of residence.

On top of this how do you explain the banks with multi-country setups where they technically have their base in the UK but also have presences in other EU countries, where Apple Pay doesn’t exist. (I can’t name any off of the top of my head, but I’m sure some exist)

But yeah, @AndreasK has specifically stated it will only be coming to places where Apple support it. So has Revolut’s Twitter. You’re sounding like a little like a broken record now, always repeating.

If you’d kindly stop mentioning it, because it’s very tiring to keep repeating the same thing.

It’s not confusing for anyone I’m sure, you’re just making it seem like an issue when it’s not.


That’s not what the tweet in question said, hence my comments specifically about the misleadingly ambiguous tweet. If you haven’t realised that my comments are specifically about that tweet and instead a debate about what Revolut will do, then you’ve totally missed the point.


Not that one. A past one. Search it here (December I think).


My comments are not about a tweet in December, but specifically about the one helpfully quoted yesterday by @luplcz. That tweet is misleading and ambiguous.


I don’t think it was very ambiguous. “We will release Apple Pay in a country where Apple Pay is launched”. To who does this mean they’ll release Apple Pay in countries where it hasn’t?

They said they’d announce more countries, I imagine this will be the UK, France, Belgium, countries also where it has launched.


The text that you have quoted is not the tweet that I referred to. As I said, I am referring specifically to the misleading tweet quoted above.


I’m referring to it too, no where does it say they’re going to release it in countries where Apple Pay isn’t released. They’re not making a positive claim that it is, so I’m not sure why they have to explicitly rule it out.


I can’t believe there’s people here saying that Apple Pay is no big deal or a luxury feature that should be no priority. I’d say it’s the single most important feature that Revolut could add in order to make their card more attractive, especially now that the Lounges feature turned out to be such a damp squib.

I almost never use my Revolut card in my home country any more, since my bank now supports Apple Pay. It’s so much easier to use Apple Pay than faffing around with cards in your wallet/purse, especially if you have the Apple Watch also (like I do). And the point NFH makes about the lack of payment limits with Apple Pay plus enhanced security are absolutely crucial.

I use Revolut much less abroad also, as I now have an MBNA 0% FX Horizon VISA which works with Apple Pay (and it gets me 0.5% Cashback - way better than Metal!).

So until Revolut is able to support Apple Pay my Revolut card will sit there, mostly gathering dust.


Yes, I think it would attract a lot of customers. Right now one of the few choices here is to go to N26 or a similar service - I rather would see those people go to :r: than the competition.


MBNA gives 1p cashback for every whole £2 spent, so it’s not quite the 0.5% that MBNA claims. Tandem on the other hand does give a true 0.5% of total spend each month, but they have lower credit limits and they haven’t yet released Apple Pay (which they likewise say is coming soon).


It is a luxury. Paying with your phone over chip and pin is indeed not a priority at all. It should be low priority as such. Luxuries come after the important things.

I’d say local accounts for the remaining currencies are much more attractive. I’d also say proper debit cards are much more attractive.

I use mine all the time despite all my other cards supporting Google and Apple Pay. There are different types of people and I’d say more use Apple Pay and Google Pay once or twice and then switch back to paying with card. Not using it as their main form of payment.

Only if you’re on your phone 24/7. I personally have mine in my pocket while I’m shopping so when I pull my wallet out it doesn’t take any extra time to what my phone would have taken.

Most people don’t have Apple Watches. The minority doesn’t make something a priority purely because they’re vocal.

Chip and pin exists. You don’t have to use contactless! It’s also plenty secure.

Chip and pin is very secure. It’s there to use if you want. You’re not forced to use contactless.

Okay, use that. No need to complain here.

Again, use it


I would say it is easier to implement Apple Pay first, or?