Apple Pay support


My New Mexican Bank (Bancomer BBVA) is quite cool. Except the fact. That you have to go to the bank to activate online services :))

3D-secure in app or SMS
Changeable CVV code for virtual card, in app
Mobile token
I can pay multi services at once
Quite ok exchange rate

Works with revolut. Only in spanish. Only for residents of Mexico :))


I’m not a resident of Mexico :joy:


Is there anybody out there who actually wears something like that? :nauseated_face:



Twenty twenty twenty


You serious? :rofl: No offense.


Yeah, incase I forget my wallet :sweat_smile:

I don’t use it as a habit, might be useful for the tube also I guess!


Me neither :)))

You just need to know someone :))


Wasting resources on a wristband, bracelet or a fob that has no other purpose than NFC does seem very ineffective. I personally would just put my card in my pocket - or use some duct tape to stick it on to my cell. :grin:


There is a new timeframe - Q1 2019. But this actually doesn’t mean they will launch it, they will only announce more countries…


That’s their template for a long time now. Nothing new sadly.


Not exactly…


I wish Revolut would stop using ambiguous language. Instead of saying “support for Apple Pay is coming to Germany”, they should say one of the following:

  • Support for Apple Pay is coming to Revolut customers with a German postal address.
  • Support for Apple Pay is coming to Revolut customers who transact at merchants in Germany.

The loose language of their words implies the latter, whereas consensus above suggests the former.


Yes you are right. My bad. I always read the first part of the tweet and never finished reading it since is has no actual info just “soon” ish


So, the will announce what? That somewhere in the next XX-ish years more countries will be enabled for Revolut Apple Pay? This is ridiculous…


We’ve had this discussion so many times and AndreasK has even confirmed it.

Revolut is introducing Apple Pay to:

  • Countries where Apple Pay is launched officially

And only those meeting the criteria above. You literally know its going to be German postal address there’s no ambiguity to make clear considering its been spelled out in B&W.


You’ve missed the point. I know this and you know this, but most people who read the tweets etc won’t go delving into this thread to check or confirm. That’s why I wrote above “The loose language of their words implies the latter, whereas consensus above suggests the former”. It needs to be clear and explicit to everyone, not only to those of us in this thread who are more informed.


I’m sure the vast majority of people don’t assume Revolut can or have will unilaterally rollout Apple Pay for countries where it isn’t launched officially, to be honest :sweat_smile:


It won’t roll out for countries where is not supported by Apple.


I’m really unsure how people can even think it might be possible.

Can you get a squid ink coloured burger from Burger King outside of Japan? No. Because its limited to Japan. They don’t offer it outside of Japan. They never will.

Physical or not, the border still exists.


Limited thinking the example with the burger. Services are different from products and Japan is different compared to a union of countries forming a single market where Revolut is based.