Apple Pay support


TOLD YA GUYS but you don’t listen.



@AndreasK - For the avoidance of doubt, what does “available” mean?

There are several points to consider:

  • Apple Pay can be used worldwide, irrespective of where the card issuer is based or where the card holder is based. For example, Apple Pay can be used in Estonia.
  • Apple Pay is available to card issuers who are based in 29 countries chosen by Apple. For example, Apple Pay is available to card issuers in the UK where Revolut is based.
  • Apple Pay is available to card holders irrespective of their country of residence. For example, customers of Bank of America USA with a Lithuanian address or customers of HSBC UK with a Latvian address can all have Apple Pay.


Playing dumb much, really?

There’s no doubt in Andreas’s post regarding availability of Apple Pay service.

Yes. Marijuana is available in Netherlands and the same pot can be smoked in France too, where is not available. But this doesn’t mean the french government is happy about.

And yes. Apple iPhones are available in United States with all services. But can’t be used in Iran.

So. Stop playing dumb.


You can’t compare cross-border purchases of illegal goods with cross-border purchases of lawful services. The latter is one of the many intentions of the EU Single Market.


@NFH, I can see your point. What is unclear in Andreas message is what countries will be Apple Pay enabled when they enable support. There could be the case that Apple will enable the rest of European Union states with only the fin-tech companies and not necessary the local banks.


If Apple Pay is not available in that country, there is no way for the person with a Bank of America card to use Apple Pay with it, unless you change region on your iPhone. So if I bought an iPhone in Turkey and live in Turkey but I own a BoA US card, there’s absolutely no way to use Apple Pay with it, unless I permanently change region on my phone to an Apple Pay supported region.

So here is the best answer to your question. If you have a Revolut card issued in the UK and Apple Pay is activated for Revolut cards, but you live (and your iPhone is bought) in Turkey (or a non-supported Apple Pay country) then no, you cannot use add your Revolut card to Apple Pay at all.

UNLESS you change your iPhone region to an Apple Pay supported country (such as the UK), then you can add your card. Don’t change it back though, otherwise Apple Pay will be removed.


As long as you live somewhere where Apple Pay is officially supported and Apple added your BIN to the accepted cards, you will be able too use it every where in the World, where they accept NFC payments.

And that’s what Revolut will do. Adding together with Apple more and more Bins to thier Database during the next year. Germany will start, more are coming soon.

It’s same with GPay.


Thanks @Dotunmo - you raise another good question. I now see two possibilities for how Revolut might restrict this by country:

  • If the user’s iPhone’s region is set to a country where Apple Pay is available for local card issuers (which is how it works for other card issuers).
  • If the user has a postal address in a country where Apple Pay is available for local card issuers (ignored by other card issuers).


It will be limited to the BIN. If your home address is for example Germany. Revolut will issue you a card with a German BIN.

If you lived before in Africa, and you have a Card with an African BIN it will never work unless Apple Pay starts in Africa too.


ok Andreas but then could you please coordinate with your colleagues of communication and social media team? because they wrote on Facebook and Twitter that apple pay will land soon only in Germany and then it will be deployed in other countries later.


Yep and thats exactly what will happen from Revoluts side. They will add more and more countries which support Apple Pay. Not more not less :smile:

I don’t get why people think Revolut has the power to “force” Apple to launch everywhere :smile:


What does “launch everywhere” mean? Which of the following do you mean to include in “everywhere”?

  • The user’s iPhone’s region is set to a country where Apple Pay is not available for local card issuers.
  • The user has a postal address in a country where Apple Pay is not available for local card issuers.


Its all about billing address.
If someone ordered a card in Germany then the apple pay will be available.
If someone ordered a card in an unsupported country for apple pay then there is no apple pay at this country.

STOP thinking revolut as an UK company in every sense.


Re read what I wrote before and @Water-Fire also said it.

It’s all about your Postal Address.

If you set your iPhone region to an supported country, you will be able to get Apple Pay, but Revolut WONT work since it’s like 100 times said, BIN based.

You live in Germany = German BIN = Supported Country from Apple = Apple Pay will work.
You live in Africa = Africa BIN = Unsupported Country from Apple = Apple Pay wont work.

If you lived in Africa and moved to Germany, you will need to order a NEW Card to be able to get a German BIN to use Apple Pay.

From a other Thread:


Revolut started to issue localised BIN cards only a few months ago. All of us that received Revolut cards before that, have a UK BIN card. Do you think that Revolut will replace all those cards with new cards just to restrict their own customers ? I don’t think so.


Well they do it with GPay so they will do it with Apple Pay too


Thanks for confirming what I tried explaining many a times @AndreasK. I was actually losing my will to draw breath as I had to say multiple times that Apple is not going to undermine their own launch.

Looks like me and @Iskender were right. What a surprise? Nice to put this topic to death though. Out of spite I hope it gets delayed further :joy:


With Revolut just getting their banking license…

That is probably why Apple Pay is delayed. Revolut looks like soon they want to move away from prepaid cards to debit cards and they want to supply debit cards first before applying Apple Pay. If they have Apple Pay now, if Revolut wants to move to debit cards, they’ll have to stop Apple Pay and reapply. Not worth the time.


A banking license and Apple Pay are not related. There are multiple Fin-tech companies or even meal ticket companies like Sodexo that have nothing to do with a banking license but they are Apple Pay enabled.


That is implausible. There is no reason that Revolut could not simultaneously support Apple Pay both for prepaid debit cards and non-prepaid debit cards.