Apple Pay support


Based on Apple’s rollout of Apple Pay so far, the launch country is the country where the card issuer is based, not where the card is used or where the card holder happens to be at the time he or she activates the card. Apple Pay was launched for UK card issuers on 14th July 2015. Revolut is a UK card issuer.


Based on Apple’s rollout it has been traditional banks that issue cards in specific countries and not all across Europe. Your mention of previous launches is irrelevant. Revolut issues cards in the UK for all over the EU and Apple won’t undermine their own launches and aggravate banks by allowing Revolut a free pass to use it all over the EU. Remember that they can isolate BINs :thinking:


Revolut issues its cards only in the UK. It is a UK card issuer. It is irrelevant that it posts its cards outside the UK. The cards are issued in the UK with UK IINs/BINs.

I am a customer of two German banks, one German credit card issuer, one US bank and one US credit card issuer. All of them post my cards to my UK address, and I had Apple Pay on a US-issued credit card before Apple Pay was launched for UK card issuers. My scenario of a UK resident using cards issued in other countries is no different from a resident of Lithuania using cards issued in the UK (e.g. by Revolut).


I think you’ll find some of the MaestroCards have Austrian BINs and that they were working on Spanish issued cards a while back.

Issuing cards to different countries which may not have Apple Pay.

  1. It isn’t irrelevant at all, I’m not sure how many times I have to explain if I don’t offer a service in your country - you have no entitlement to it. Apple will not undermine their launch by giving all Revolut customers access to Apple Pay, before it launches in their respective countries.
  2. They’re not as stated above.

That’s neat, not sure how it’s particularly relevant.

So you have an American account - not one in a country that doesn’t have anything to do with a country without Apple Pay? Revolut happen to offer its services to countries without this service and as such will have to take precautions you can’t bypass Apple’s launch. An American Bank is fair to assume that only Americans or people in America often enough to warrant it will be using it, and that they won’t be using it all over the planet.

Please see above, then stop making the same argument.


The idea is that European Union is a union of states with a single market. The citizens of E.U. are first citizens of E.U. and after that citizens of their own states. Apple is not respecting this, when they open shop in each country instead of E.U. wide, and from my opinion E.U. should investigate this. I think Revolut, as an E.U. wide business is trying to educate Apple about this, and that is why Apple Pay is delayed.


If Revolut issues cards in the UK, then its service is provided from the UK, regardless of where the customer chooses to use the card. Equally, when my German bank issues a card to me, its service is provided from Germany, not the UK or any other country where I choose to use the card. You are confusing the country where the service is provided from with the country where the card is used.


@catean, you are absolutely correct. Apple evidently does not respect the EU Single Market and no doubt expects its business partners to behave with similar disrespect towards it. Although despite being strongly against Brexit, I disagree that citizens of the EU are first citizens of the EU. I am British first, European second, English third. But that’s another topic entirely!


@AndreasK can we get some intervention here thanks, the conversation is going in circles. I’m sick of repeating the same thing over and over.


Yes. I’m aware of this.

Clearly not since my EU citizenship can be revoked by my government :man_shrugging: not happy about this.

There’s no requirement for Apple to make a service available in each country. Would you expect my physical business to manifest itself in every EU country so I’m “respecting the EU single market” or would you expect my video streaming business to offer all over Europe? No, so why should we expect Apple to bypass their own launch schedule. Bringing something to a country is fine but demanding it be brought to 28 countries is madness.

Let’s be clear here, Revolut is the only one that benefits from this - Apple doesn’t benefit at all. Why would they sign this deal that has no benefit to allow Revolut to bypass their launch.

If I live in Romania and my card is in RON I can’t then go to Europe and activate my card, even if its a British card. To suggest this should be possible is outright outrageous. Why should Apple launch in a country before they’re ready to do so?

You’re misunderstanding the purpose of the single market. It’s to drive competition and to make sure you don’t have to have 28 subsidiary companies to function properly. It’s literally to drive economic growth. You don’t have to fuel your own growth beyond what you envision.

I’m confusing nothing. Apple Pay is not available in Romania, Apple aren’t launching in Romania currently. That’s simple to understand.

If you’re saying we should be allowed to skip someone’s decided launch date, you’re simply trying to force someone for your own gain. Apple Pay should be launched as they want.

If I give you a phone that doesn’t have the supported bands for your country - should you berate it for not supporting the bands? It wasn’t meant for the country.


You’re not making any sense. Romania is in Europe for a start.

No, the purpose of the EU Single Market is far more than you state. It is also to ensure that consumers are not discriminated against according to their nationality or place of residence. Consumers should be able to make cross border purchases of goods and services. Contrary to what you have misunderstood, this does not mean that the service must be rolled out to all EU countries. For example, I as a UK resident can obtain a service from a card issuer in Germany. Equally a resident of Romania can obtain a service from a card issuer in the UK. This is enshrined in Article 20 of Directive 2006/123/EC and other similar legislation. Revolut commendably respects the EU Single Market; Apple does not.


Why do you guys think it would come within the few days after that Germany get ApplePay?
What’s the correlation between ApplePay in Germany and ApplePay & Revolut?


I think- this is it:


Another reason is that since Apple Pay has been launched for card issuers in Germany and Belgium, the percentage of the EU population living in countries where local card issuers support Apple Pay has jumped from 59% to a much more substantial 78%. This makes it less likely that Apple will prevent Revolut from respecting the EU Single Market in allowing cross-border purchase of its UK-based Apple Pay service by residents of the entire EU and EEA.


Yeah, and next year Apple Pay support is coming to more EU countries.
Czech and maybe Slovakia
Romania Maybe?

and maybe even more countries in 2019. Who knows…

Brand new leak appeared today in Czech republic. Moneta money bank accidentally shared their website for Apple Pay - here and it includes Terms and Conditions here.
And there is a date 1st of February! So it’s a possible date for another Apple Pay expansion.

They have deleted those sites but I have a screenshots.


@AndreasK - when you’re saying you’re working on bringing Apple Pay to everyone, which of the following “everyone” options is actually true?

  1. everyone == all the countries in which Revolut is available AND Apple Pay has launched
  2. everyone == all the countries in which Revolut is available regardless if Apple Pay is available there or not (e.g.: Romania is a Revolut market, but not an Apple Pay market)

Thanks for clarifying this.


All the countries where Apple Pay is available.


Game over :smile:


@AndreasK , will Revolut try to stop customers of countries without Apple Pay to change their iPhone setting and add their UK issued Revolut card to AP? Will Apple Pay be enabled on all cards or just newly issued (localised BIN) cards?


How about Google Pay?


The same correlation as it was with Apple Pay in Netherlands and other countries.

Aka. Nada. Nothing.