Apple Pay support


Yes, you can, but that page lists only the current card issuers, not future ones. Only the country-specific pages list the future ones.


I’m kinda bored to read this thread anymore. I’m wondering what are you writing all the time people and bringing the thread at the top every single day?!


Because Revolut repeatedly mislead us that Apple Pay is coming “soon”, which gets us excited, and then they disappoint us by failing to deliver.


I agree with the constant guesswork on the thread that elongates this thread also.

I wish it was reserved for just bits of actual information like the copying of the twitter post from late yesterday, the coming soon on Apple Pay France and Germany site and the post from Andreas.

But, there are those bits of information coming through just sometimes you have to wade through politics and economics.



How is revolut so slow with implementing that … I don’t understand :frowning:


Did everyone mean also countries that do not have AP at the moment? Because if not, that’s not “everyone” :slight_smile:


Remember that when Apple launches a new country for Apple Pay, the new country is that of the card issuer, not the country where Apple Pay is used or the country where the account holders’ postal addresses might be. Revolut is a UK card issuer; Apple launched Apple Pay for UK card issuers on 14th July 2015.


And for this reason revolut started to issue cards with country specific BIN (6+2)
And stopped issuing Visa cards (as only mastercard has that country specific trick)

And it’s the same way how N26 didn’t allowed German residents to have Apple Pay until now, only the others.


Same story with google pay. Only the old cards works. The new mastercards with Romanian BIN for example don’t work on google pay.


So as long as the old MasterCards (PaySafe BIN) will be supported in Apple Pay in countries without official support long term users are good to go.


What does this mean? Are you saying that if I, as user of a Revolut card issued in the United Kingdom, try to use my card in a country where Apple Pay has not yet been launched for local card issuers, e.g. Lithuania, then it won’t work?



Is as me, user from Romania, where Apple Pay is not available, with revolut card (issued in UK, actually in Poland, with Romanian BIN) my card won’t get accepted for Apple Pay.

The old cards I don’t think will work…


does it mean that all the old customers (2.5 millions of people) will be unable to activate apple pay because they don’t have the new cards with specific region BINs ?


They’re roughly more than one million. The users boom started in February if I remember well.

And more than half of those were anyways in countries where Apple Pay is unavoidable.

And when trying to add an old card vs a new card (with RO BIN) the errors are different.


Apple Pay will be in “beta” until old cards will expire and replaced by new ones :slight_smile:


You’re wrong but OK :thinking:


Fortunately we will find out soon :smile:


I won’t say until cards expire, but until users replace them for different reasons and the number of users with old cards will decrease to make it viable for revolut to send free replacement for those who are eligible

Something is clear tho. Apple Pay it won’t be available for users in countries where AP is not officially launched (despite they said it will be available for everyone back in summer)


From what I have heard Czech republic and Austria are coming in Q1 2019.


Not sure why people assumed Revolut would ever be allowed to do this - we all know companies do their product launches in different countries in very specific ways for a reason. Apple don’t want to launch all over the EU at once.


I don’t even know why people talks about Apple Pay launches in other countries when revolut doesn’t offer it anyway. And it won’t offer it in the same time with other Apple plans.