Apple Pay support


Unless I’m missing something…

What makes you think Revolut are delaying the Apple Pay launch because of Apple/Germany?


I would say that they are still waiting their banking license and that this is the biggest blocker for launching the Apple Pay. From the twitter replies and other forum threads, response for bank license and Apple Pay is basically same :confused:


But boon is not a bank and they have Apple Pay. But, your take on this I believe is better.

Anyway, now we know Apple Pay isn’t coming on Revolut until at least 2019.


Remember when Edward Cooper said Apple Pay for spending was a question of months back in April 2017? Boy, was he wrong…


There are plenty of card issuers without a banking licence that support Apple Pay.

That’s what I believed until yesterday. Not any more, given that Apple Pay is now live for card issuers in Germany (even though both my German card issuers have different technical issues with it).


That’s bad. :frowning: At lease we have some timeframe. :smiley:


Yes, the timeframe is the whole of 2019! We’ve had many timeframes quoted in the past, but they turned out to be false.


They just shared this on their Twitter and Facebook. Let’s just hope it’s coming in January 2019… :expressionless:


At least some good news.

They said it’s coming in early 2019



We’re working on bringing Apple Pay to everyone. We’ll let you know more as soon as we can.


I have successfully added my German N26 Euro account to my Pay wallet this morning. To make this even easier, it was fully automatic following an update to the N26 app.


It seems that Apple Pay is now officialy launched today in Germany, as you guys said.

And also Apple website list Germany there:


Apple Pay just started in Germany!


Apple Pay in Germany is already live.
I guess Revolut will be next year.


For the moment, it’s just “coming” to Germany…

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Remember this?

I told you. IT WON’T BE FOR EVERYONE :joy:


But then what’s the holdup? I probably phrased it badly, I meant that the launch would first be in France due to it being on the website. As far as I can see it’s not on the British or German website even though they are a card issuer in England


Revolut is stated as “Coming in 2019” on the German Apple Pay page.


How can Revolut launch in France? It’s a UK card issuer. Apple launches Apple Pay by the countries where cards are issued, not where they are used.

Apple doesn’t list any card issuers any more on its UK web page for Apple Pay, so it’s irrelevant that Revolut isn’t listed there.


You can still find the card issuers here:

EDIT: Oh look! boon, bunq and N26 launched Apple Pay in Germany! Is Revolut the only major Fintech company that hasn’t got Apple Pay?