Apple Pay support


Update about Apple Pay should come “SOON”.
I know this “SOON” word is overused a bit and have a different meaning in fintech slang… :thinking:


It’s worrying that they are still “working on it”. I hoped that the work had finished by now, and that they were simply waiting for an implementation date from Apple.


I think they are only copy pasting this but they are already waiting for some date to come.


It seems to be a template response. There are several tweets with the same response.

El El lun, 3 dic 2018 a las 14:11, luplcz escribió:


On French apple pay page, apetiz bank has become available today. No revolut yet.


Still hope it’s coming to Revolut with Germany!


Hasn’t apple pay already launched in Germany?


No, it’s another Monday morning and Apple Pay has still not launched for card issuers in Germany. It was announced as “kommt bald” (coming soon) over a month ago on 5th November 2018.


Hmm. That’s unusual. We got much less notice for Apple Pay here in Denmark. But I don’t think that Apple pay will come with the Germany launch, because Apple has already announced compatible banks and those don’t include Revolut. I think it’ll launch in France, due to it being displayed on the French website.


Not yet

El El lun, 10 dic 2018 a las 9:25, Kirstina escribió:


Apple Pay is already launched for card issuers in France. Revolut is a card issuer in the UK, where Apple Pay was launched in 2015.


Some guy made a great calendar with possible start dates in Germany:


Maybe another fake news but maybe not.


Apple Pay in Germany has nothing to do with Revolut.


@catean - you don’t give any reasoning for this statement and have not challenged the reasoning given in my earlier post where I make the opposite statement:


@NFH, have no reason to think positive after so many months of waitting :slight_smile: . I am trying to save myself, and why not the community, from disappointment . Instead of SOON to be sad, why not now? :slight_smile:


Tomorrow morning looks quite credible now:


Lucky me : No hope, no disappointment. But at least now we know not to expect it in 2018.


Well, I’m seriously disappointed. :frowning:


I expect that Revolut are just as frustrated with the delay as we are, and they are no doubt additionally frustrated by being prevented by Apple’s non-disclosure agreements from updating us on the cause of the delay. I have no doubt that the delay is caused by Apple’s stubbornness rather than by Revolut.

Nevertheless, it is inexcusable for Revolut to mislead us, particularly on Twitter, that Apple Pay is coming very “soon”.