Apple Pay support


Apple Pay will probably come to Belgium tomorrow. (maybe even to Germany)


I think you’re right about Germany. These articles suggest a launch this week or specifically tomorrow:


Yeah, some users could see terms today


Apple Pay launched in Belgium:

and in Kazakhstan:

not launched in Germany…

And again there has been an update on Apple Pay coming soon banks in France:


I’m guessing that Germany will be launched tomorrow. There are precedents for one country to launch a day or two after another country, for example:

  • Canada on 17/11/2015 followed by Australia on 19/11/2015
  • France on 19/07/2016 followed by Hong Kong on 20/07/2016
  • Poland on 19/06/2018 followed by Norway on 20/06/2018

If Germany launches tomorrow, then it’s very possible that Revolut will likewise launch tomorrow.


Well, maybe.
It’s funny to see that the delay of Apple Pay in Germany is probably caused by their own Apple Stores that aren’t capable of accepting contactless payments. So they need to upgrade their terminals first. :rofl:


Don’t get your hopes up about Revolut Apple Pay launching tomorrow.


I don’t get what fuels this hope that Revolut will launch Apple Pay imminently.
Especially in “un-supported” countries.

I believe Apple will not allow for this - and for that matter I also hope they will get sanctioned for this by the EU - and I don’t wanna get my hopes up again.

I understand the fact that banks might oppose this integration in specific countries, but I strongly disagree with Apple refusing to rollout this across the EMEA for Revolut-like services, which are not tied to a specific EU country.


I’m not going to hold my breath!


Let’s be clear about this. Revolut will launch Apple Pay in the United Kingdom, which is a supported country. The postal address of its customers should be an irrelevance, and is indeed a de facto irrelevance with respect to Apple Pay for traditional banks and credit card issuers. It is only N26’s behaviour that suggests otherwise.


Let’s just hope Revolut will launch Apple Pay together with German launch.


When is Apple pay supposed to be launched in Germany? Is it known?


I’ll bet my entire bank balance it isn’t happening, they’re staging the release for a reason and Revolut has no bargaining chip to make them consider letting them access it early.

If you only offered your product to Polish and French residents and someone proposed to give it to all of Europe regardless of location, would you agree? I wouldn’t. I’d launch it as and when I’m ready in each of the countries. Especially true if it’s a free service.

Yeah because yknow, Apple Pay hasn’t launched there and Revolut getting around that would be very unfair and anti-competitive.

If you disagree with someone, the beauty of the free market is you can go to someone else. If you disagree with Apple, get another phone and never buy an Apple product again.

Definitely, because they’re allowed to and Apple has launched it here.

Possibly, but it’s their product, if you don’t like their decisions, you can get another phone, and alienate yourself from Apple products and services.

The launch is meant to be imminent, like days ago if I remember correctly, however it’s been delayed.


It was expected this week, but I believe that Apple delayed it because they had neglected to get their own card terminals in Apple Stores ready for it. It would have been embarrassing for Apple if their shops couldn’t accept Apple Pay whereas other shops could. The most likely launch date is now Monday 3rd December 2018.


How do Apple actually make money from Apple Pay?


They claim some 0.XX% from each transaction made using Apple Pay.
From what I know Apple Pay costs banks/fintechs much more than Google Pay. In case of Google Pay you are partly paying with your personal data…


In the US, Apple were charging card issuers 0.15%, at least when it launched. It might have changed since. Unlike the US where merchants pay hefty fees to accept card payments, a fee of 0.15% would be unsustainable in the EEA, because it needs to be funded by interchange fees, which have been capped at 0.20% and 0.30% by Regulation (EU) 2015/751 since 8th June 2015, just before Apple Pay was launched for UK card issuers.


According to latest information Apple Pay should start on Monday - 3rd December, 2018 in Germany.



So much for Apple Pay being launched for card issuers in Germany this morning. It’s still “kommt bald” (coming soon). I’m still convinced that a launch in Germany is the trigger for Revolut to launch it.


I really hope it’s connected with Revolut.