Apple Pay support


Have they first asked the Indian governments approval?


“It’s coming real soon!”

And as I said in my previous reply I still think that it’s coming this or next month!


I am developing an alergy to the word “soon”…


Real Soon, like real real soon, like real real real soon!


Oxford English Dictionary definition:



1. In a short time

2. Probably not in your 
    lifetime (fintech slang)


My eyes are hurting

Twenty twenty


Maybe, but what are the chances it will be available to all countries within Revolut? I think it will be limited to a few such as France, Germany and maybe a couple more.


I think it’s coming for everyone. ! :wink:


On what basis? There are other FinTech’s who offer Apple Pay for their Customers such as Bunq. However they are all limited to a few countries. Even if some of their other countries already have banks offering Apple Pay.

I wouldn’t get my hope up.



Yeah, but there have been conflicting statements over the years.


I have two sources, that Tweet and someone who confirmed it.


I’m increasingly convinced that the sticking point in Revolut launching Apple Pay is that Revolut wants to make it available to all its customers, regardless of which EEA country their irrelevant postal address is in, and that Apple on the contrary wants to restrict Revolut’s Apple Pay to customers with a postal address in a country where local card issuers already support Apple Pay. I am guessing this because Apple has a track record of treating different EU countries as separate markets and inhibiting the cross-border purchase of goods and services, contrary to the principles of the EU Single Market.

My further guess is that the two sides have agreed a compromise and that Apple will allow Revolut to roll out Apple Pay as soon as German and Belgian card issuers launch it, which is imminent. I am guessing this because, once Apple Pay is launched for card issuers in Germany and Belgium, the percentage of the EU population living in countries where local card issuers support Apple Pay will jump from 59% to a much more substantial 78%.


Probably right, but who cares :thinking: that’s what Apple wants to do. Doesn’t bother me much, to be quite honest, I wouldn’t force any other developer to make their services available across Europe, not sure why Apple gets treated differently.

Yeah I’m pretty sure then they’ll allow Revolut to roll it out to German and Belgian users too :wink: what a compromise!


No, that’s not what I meant. I am guessing that Apple will allow Revolut to launch Apple Pay for all its customers across the EEA, irrespective of their postal address, once local card issuers in Germany and Belgium launch it.


I doubt this very much considering Apple is the only one with any bargaining chip in this situation. I don’t see what Apple get from allowing Revolut to bypass its restrictions on postal address. I’m also relatively sure that’s very anti-competitive considering the local card issuers wouldn’t be able to do the same.


Of course local card issuers can do the same. We’ve already had this discussion above, and I’ll repeat my explanation. If you have a bank account in Spain, then you can have Apple Pay on it, even if your postal address is in Estonia, where Apple Pay is not available for local card issuers. It works fine. But for card issuers who market their products across the EU or EEA (like Revolut or N26), there is evidence that Apple requires those card issuers to impose restrictions by postal address.


This should be available for everyone where Apple Pay is supported. If you try to add Apple Pay supported credit card with the region of iPhone set to Croatia, you won’t see that section at all. If you have already added apple pay supported card with a different region (e.g. if you have changed to Ireland and add boon card) and then changed region back to Croatia, you will see Apple Pay section, but if you try to add another card you will get an error.

I believe that Croatia is not the only country in Europe that does not support Apple Pay (supporting Apple Pay in Country does not mean if you can use Apple Pay or not, this means that you will not be able to add bank card from that country directly to the Apple Pay…but once you have successfully added bank card, you will be able to pay with Apple Pay as you could pay with any other contactless card).

So I think that both statements are correct. Apple Pay will be available for all users regarding if Apple Pay is supported in country from where Revolut acc is created, but to add card into the Apple Pay, device should be set to region where Apple Pay is supported (i.e. if you are from country where Apple Pay is not supported, change region to supported country, add Revolut card and then return phone to your original region).


It would be great if Revolut connect with Apple Pay at last!


It would be great if ApplePay connect with Revolut :open_mouth: