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@Recchan - music is a special case. But in any case, a licence restricting a retailer to selling a piece of music in the UK does not mean that HMV in Oxford Street, for example, could refuse to sell it to a Polish resident based on the use of a payment card with a Polish IIN/BIN. That is what Apple does with its iTunes stores. I was referring to apps anyway, not to music.

Again, a licence cannot prevent a music shop in France from selling the music to a German resident based on the use of a payment card with a German IIN/BIN.

What do you mean by “a country that doesn’t have Apple pay”? Do you mean:

  • A country where Apple Pay cannot be used at points of sale? or
  • A country where Apple Pay is not supported for cards issued by local card issuers?

Bear in mind that I can use Apple Pay in Lithuania or any other country where Apple has not yet launched Apple Pay for locally-issued cards. Why should the availability of Apple Pay for local card issuers affect whether or not I can have Apple Pay on a card issued in a country where Apple Pay is available to card issuers? What difference should my postal address make to this?


Revolut won’t get Apple Pay support before Apple Pay launch in Germany. In Germany Apple Pay should be launched during November or December.


Apple Pay’s launch date for German card issuers is very vague, simply “bald” (soon). When it was announced on Monday 5th November 2018, I was expecting German card issuers to launch it a week later, but nothing happened.


Well, at least for Android users :r: could have implemented Tap&Pay in their app by now (like Boon, bunq, Glase, etc.)…


For dutch customers i think personal now solve problem for Apple Pay Bunq it is 8 euro per month yea and i use too … it is worth ? yea if you want now Apple Pay they offer too Meastro + Mastercard and it is instant money transfer from bank to Bunq.
Im thinking about revolut all money transfer to bunq …
But i prefer dutch own meastro bank Apple Pay …


Everything is licenced to the specific country, the block is done by account location and to have a valid account you must have a valid card registered in the country, they’re not strictly limiting by BIN, as far as I’m aware.

I mean your UK card should be available but your Lithuanian one shouldn’t. Even if your Lithuanian one is issued in the UK. You should be subjected to Apple’s choices for your country, if you don’t like it, don’t buy the phone.


Licensing music for sale in a particular country does not allow Apple to restrict buying of that music in that country, or registration of a consumer to buy that music in that country, based on the IIN/BIN of the consumer’s payment card. That is what Apple does, contrary to what you’re “aware” of.

So you agree that a card issued by my UK card issuer, even if my postal address is in Lithuania, should be allowed to have Apple Pay - good. That also means that Revolut, likewise a UK card issuer, should not be restricted from allowing me to have Apple Pay on my UK-issued card, even if my postal address is in Lithuania. Yet I believe that Apple’s wish to impose such a restriction might be the cause of Revolut’s delay in launching Apple Pay, as explained above.

@Recchan - what exactly do you mean by “your Lithuanian one is issued in the UK”? A card is issued either in Lithuania or in the UK - not both!

Your comment “You should be subjected to Apple’s choices for your country, if you don’t like it, don’t buy the phone” comes across as rather naïve. A consumer might not find out that Apple imposes a restriction by place of residence, contrary to the principles of the EU Single Market, until long after buying the iPhone. In any case, the purchase of digital content (e.g. music, apps etc) is separate from the purchase of the physical goods (e.g. iPhone, iPad etc) and governed by separate contracts.


I mean for example you have your Revolut account in Lithuania but it’s issued in the UK.

From what I recall they don’t let you open an account in a country that you don’t have a card for, source being me as I tried opening a Japanese one because there were some games I wanted to play.

Assuming your card is issued here under a UK address sure. I don’t really see why Apple Pay didn’t just launch all around Europe at once though tbh.

They should do some research before they purchase a new phone? On top of that it’s normally heard of if apple pay isn’t available in your country?


You can’t have a Revolut account in Lithuania. The accounts are held in the UK. The postal address of an account holder should be irrelevant.

I don’t know what you mean by “issued here under a UK address”. Revolut’s registered office is in London. Its accounts are in the UK. Its cards are UK-issued as they have UK BIN/IINs. But that doesn’t mean that Apple will allow Revolut to facilitate Apple Pay on all those cards, because Apple might irrelevantly take into account the postal address of the account holder.


Why should it be? Apple hasn’t launched it there yet and it’s their choice on when to launch it. You shouldn’t be circumventing business rules :thinking: is there any particular problem you have with using actual contactless?

Assuming your Revolut account has an address in a country that support Apple Pay. For example, your registered address being in the United Kingdom.


Because the service is supplied from the United Kingdom, not from the country where the account holder’s postal address is. Take the following example. Two customers of a UK high street bank both have debit cards, which they want to use in Latvia, where Apple Pay is not yet launched for Latvian card issuers. One customer has a UK postal address and the other has a Lithuanian postal address. Is there any objective justification for treating these two customers differently based on their place of residence with respect to their ability to use Apple Pay?

What is the objective justification for a postal address being of any relevance to this? It’s a technology product that doesn’t use the post.


Coming soon section of French Apple Pay site has been updated.



Crédit du Nord now support Apple Pay. Tweet link here.


France doesn’t have apple pay yet? @luplcz


They have. Look here.


Leaked info: 'Apple Pay arrives in Belgium next week’

Translated article link here


Another reason that Apple Pay is so important, particularly for a card used for travelling such as Revolut, is because it prevents your card from being cloned. Even if a merchant manages to extract your Apple Pay virtual card’s 16-digit card number (“device account number”) and expiry date (which are different from the physical card), these can’t be reused without the transaction-specific dynamic security code.

After you authenticate your transaction, the Secure Element provides your Device Account Number and a transaction-specific dynamic security code to the store’s point of sale terminal along with additional information needed to complete the transaction. Again, neither Apple nor your device sends your actual payment card number. Before they approve the payment, your bank, card issuer, or payment network can verify your payment information by checking the dynamic security code to make sure that it’s unique and tied to your device.


After months of waiting I’ve got Apple Pay!
:apple: :iphone: :dollar:


Sentinelese island tribes will get Apple Pay before it comes to Revolut.


I doubt it since they’d shoot Tim Cook with a bow and arrow first :joy:


Yes, maybe Revolut are first waiting for Apple to launch Apple Pay on North Sentinel Island.