Apple Pay support


Yes I know, that’s crazy right ?


Does that same reason apply to Google Pay and its endless beta?


I’m sorry I don’t know about Google Pay


In fact the problem is that Apple doesn’t want customers from countries where Apple Pay is not officially launched.

This is why Revolut started issuing cards with country specific BIN (6+2 digits) in the past 3 months.

So. Old cards won’t work on Apple Pay at all.
New cards are waiting. The error message is different for old and new cards.

Countries where Apple Pay is not launched won’t get it (e.g. Romania), even if revolut once said “it will be available for everyone”. Nope, it won’t.


Well if this is true, that will be quite a dissapoitment …


Google/Apple Pay, Masterpass, etc. is a complete farce…


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Apple Pay worldwide launch SOON, very SOON! :joy:


Apple Pay went live in Germany.


Thanks. Now that at least one of my German banks supports Apple Pay, 90% of my need for Revolut to support it has gone away. It’s a shame that Revolut didn’t hook me into using its Apple Pay a year ago. Only around 10% of my expenditure is in Revolut’s 25 balance currencies, excluding currencies in which I now have Apple Pay cards.


Yeah, every quarter another country with a few banks! Maybe the chinese payment solutions arrive first here in :austria:.


?! which one :roll_eyes::scream:


French Apple Pay website? There’s nothing there.


Revolut is still listed on the French Apple Pay web site as “disponible prochainement” (available soon).


I am wondering if comdirect cards (:de:) will work for customers from :austria: . GPay obviously works and I’ll plan to sign up because :r: stagnates.


It makes a mockery of the EU’s Single Market. Unlike Apple’s similar discrimination by country for iTunes customers, which is prohibited by Article 20 of Directive 2006/123/EC on services in the internal market, unfortunately Article 2(b) excludes financial services from scope. I’m not aware of which EU legislation prohibits such discrimination by country of residence for financial services.


Apple Pay can be added to an iPhone in one of two ways:

  • By scanning the physical card using the iPhone’s camera
  • Using the iPhone app of the card issuer

Some card issuers, for example American Express US (since today), support both methods. But most card issuers support only one method or the other. For the imminent Apple Pay launch in Germany, I understand that German banks will require the app method for Maestro cards, because they don’t have a long card number across the middle of the physical card and the iPhone therefore can’t scan it.

Do we believe that Revolut will support the camera method or the app method? I hope it’s the app method, because then it might create a separate card in the app (similar to how a virtual card appears) with its own security settings. If an Apple Pay card shares its Revolut security settings with a physical card, it would be very annoying to turn off contactless for one’s physical card if that also means disabling Apple Pay.


In other banks, for example, N26 when I disable/freeze the card Apple Pay becoming also inactive (but the contactless option should not be the case as it is related only to the physical contactless not Apple Pay NFC) but it depends how is implemented in the app, maybe you can ask how is in GPay app users as probably it will be the same in iOS.


Everything is relative guys. The Universe has waited 13billion years to have Revolut account, so it can still wait « a little bit » for Apple Pay :wink:


Just saw that Revolut is listed on the german Apple Pay Website, where Apple Pay is launching soon…


Apple Pay available in Germany.