Apple Pay support


Believe me in Czech Republic we won’t have Apple Pay sooner than early next year…


This is an interesting comment from CEO (Storonsky). Although not pushing our understanding further it does resemble an apology and a promise that the feature is coming.

“I would be kidding myself if I did not address the fact that we have been far too slow in introducing things such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and local account details for non Euro countries.

I want to reassure you that all of the above are coming, and we’ll aim to be as open and transparent as possible when it comes to launch dates. Whether it be a lack of resources or bureaucracy outside of our control, we’re not always able to give out dates, and doing so anyway would just be reckless.”

Let’s see how much more “open and transparent” Revolut will be…

Roll on the ‘coming soon’ jokes…

Taken from here > Revolut blog 12/10/18


Ok, with that said, now I am confident we won’t see Apple Pay in 2018. Over and out and a Happy New Year !


2019 fall, :joy:, and almost sure only in officially supported countries



After a next Apple Event and again. No Apple Pay. I guess we are not getting AP this year.


There’s always hope that it is dependent on iOS 12.1, which will be released today, most probably at 18:00 GMT.


Oh come on :slight_smile: why 12.1 and not 12.5.4. I do not see any relation to OS as :r: is still silent-dead on the issue as AP do not exist at all :slight_smile:


I think last chance for this year is Q4 Apple Financial Results EVENT on November 1st.


It is interesting that I am getting two different errors for my Revolut cards.


Guys! Give up. It has nothing to do with any Apple Events happening. It is only a matter of Revolut being ready to comply with all prerequisites.


true, and they are far beyond overdue promises …


I think the problem is in lack of banking licence - no banking license, no Apple Pay


It’s not that, otherwise, Apple will not at all putting in the French Apple Pay site Coming soon… knowing that they not have such licence


Also, along with that the Revolut Twitter has repeatedly stated (of late) that Apple Pay just needs a few minor things put in place before implementation.

I can’t see how a banking license is minor.


Hello everyone,

I have some internals information for a long time but couldn’t post them.

I still cannot post the details, but to summarize, it is not Revolut’s fault. (Everything is ready on their side)

We just need to wait on some other factors, so it would be a good idea to stop bashing them for something that is out of their control.

We will get it for sure guys, we just need to wait a little bit :hugs:


like soon, an equivalent of 2y :joy:


no one is bashing, we know that it is a hard process, but :r: fault is that is announcing it as soon and on the corner which makes nervous all people. If you know it will be longer than stop telling “soon” word!



Neither Revolut or us know that information :frowning:


Once Apple Pay is launching, I will explain to you they announced it


We have waited “a little bit”. in fact we’ve waited a “a little bit” around 10 to 20 times already.