Apple Pay support


Please can we have Apple Pay on Revolut?


Revolut says it’s coming “soon”. Revolut is shown as “coming soon” on the French Apple website


Yeah, it’s been there for weeks already.


Morning banque has also been on the « Disponible prochainement » list for longer than Revolut has, though on their website it says that Apple Pay will be available “very soon” (très prochainement) :thinking:


IMHO Apple will announce more partner bank / countries with iOS 12.1


It seems ios12.1 will be available on October 23 :open_mouth:


Do not want to spoil your hopes but many people thought the same thing for ios 12.0 or the apple event :slight_smile:


There was a plausible reason as to why Revolut’s support of Apple Pay might have coincided with iOS 12, namely iOS 12’s support for Maestro cards. There is no plausible explanation as to why Revolut would need its support of Apple Pay to coincide with iOS 12.1.


To use some Apple Pay with some Spanish Banks such a CaixaBank, we needed to update iOS. Thats why it maybe posible.


Guys, do you thing Revolut can autorise the Apple Pay only for card subscribed as Premium or Metal ?


October 23 seems to be good day for next Apple Event :slight_smile:


I think October 32nd would be a better guess :upside_down_face:


That was never a plausible reason. Maestro cards already worked on iOS 11 Apple Pay.


Revolut is so slow that we will get Apple Pay in the Czech republic first via our regular banks.

My Czech card started working today partially.


Nice, tried the same with my Hungarian card…but not working :frowning:


My bank admitted that they made a mistake during testing of Apple Pay. Because of that mistake I was able to partially add my card to Wallet.


Nevertheless, at least you can see they are doing something about it, what about :r: where all is in the dark from ages :roll_eyes:


Hey @korolija, I am sure it’s coming soon :slight_smile:


meh, it’s even sooner than soon, it’s on the corner!


I need Pay in GERMANY!
Мне нужен Pay в Германии!
Ich benötige Pay in Deutschland!